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  1. Pause cue

    Thsi was probably asked before. When the Pause Cue button is flush with a media, please make it so that the media associated does not show on screen. 99.8761 % of the time we, users, dont want to see the image, its a pause in order to send the media on cue. When I am doing a télévision show I am working for at them moment, I recieve medias, then I have 2 hours to make my sequence that is complex enough. Then reharsal. Then between 1 and 2 hours to make sur all is corrected from reharsal. After than it's crazy live time with 6 task, multiple medias cues etc. So in rush, sometimes my pause cue end flush with my media and I always have to worry about this possibility that has desastrous consequences for the live show! It happend last week. IT vas very embarassing. Please correct this.