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  1. i am facing issue with datapath vision hd4+ /d, only two channel is working ( 1&3), always gets no signal in channel 2 & 4, i have even changed the slot and updated the driver to latest one, still facing the same issue, recently i am facing delay in capturing device about 2 to 3 seconds, please help me to fix this out. Thanks in advance. Display Computer : WatchMax W600 Production Computer : Alienware 17 R4 (Windows 10 Home 64bit)
  2. NDI latency vs SDI

    Has anyone done a latency test between NDI capture and SDI capture using a Datapath Pro card? I've been doing a lot of research on NDI and it might be a better capture option than SDI. I'm always looking to reduce latency and improve stability, and I have a couple large live video shows coming up this year where maybe NDI would be the better solution. Thoughts?
  3. Hi All! Does anyone has experience with that capture card? Is it possible to mix the types of input signals, i.e. 3x SD-SDI and 1x HD-SDI and use all of the simultaneously as inputs in WO ?
  4. Hello there, I'm facing a strange problem with the new acquisition card VisionSC-SDI4 from Datapath. When something is pluggeg into the first input, everything works fine. I can add/remove SDI cables in/from the other tree inputs, displaying live videos on the stage or the No Signal message if nothing is plugged. But when I remove the cable from the first input, the other three freeze, stuck on the last acquired frame. The live videos resume to their normal behaviour once I plug back the cable in the first input. Note that this issue doesn't exist in the Vision's preview windows tool, only in Watchout. It has been tested with Watchout 6.1.4 and Watchout 6.1.5, on four servers built in the same configuration (mb: Asus X99-A/USB 3.1; proc: Intel Core i7-5930K; 16Go RAM). Has anybody encountered a similar issue? Any idea about what could cause such a behaviour, or how to fix it? Thank you.
  5. Datapath FX4 w/ Watchout 6

    We are looking into purchasing a Watchmax to drive a mosaic consisting of 12 different size monitors each with a native resolution of 1920x1080 and DisplayPort inputs. This means different pixel densities. The displays are also arranged in an abstract manner. So I know from a pixel-space perspective it is possible to push 12x displays at the 1920x1080 resolution because driving four 4K displays is the same 33.2MP and, from what I understand, with DisplayPort 1.2a it is possible to send multiple streams via a single DP connection. I do not yet know if the monitors have DisplayPort loops, but if they do, or by using a DP splitter like this one, is it possible to connect and drive all 12 displays independently from a single Watchmax?
  6. Know that it is normal to have a little delay in datapaths, how do I minimize it? I have used in 1080p 60.
  7. Grabber and sync issues

    Hola compadres! ive got some issues getting my inputs to behave like i want in Watchout 6. display computers, 2x: motherboard: MK Asus X79-DELUXE CPU: Core i7-4930K s2011 3.4 GHz 10MB Memory: Corsair 16GB (4-KIT) DDR3 VENGEANCE 1,5V LOW Graphics: AMD FirePro W7000 4GB/GDDR5‚Äč + s400 sync card Input: 2x datapath rgb-e2s, 1x decklink sdi Screens being used is 8x NEC 55" unv, with [email protected] via displayport from GPU to screens. Signal to inputs are coming from a barco pds 902 3g, outputting [email protected] via SDI. The issue is that when the input is showing over the two display computers, the input cant fade up nicely. Ive tried having an auxillary open with the input Active with opacity 0, and having 1-10 seconds of 0% opacity and then fading up, but usually one of the displays goes black and then pops up instead of fading. It doesnt happen everytime, but way too often to be comfortable with it with important clients. When using the decklink sdi card, that is synced up with the same genlock as the displays. The datapath cant be locked, but gets a sort of sync from the dvi if I remember correctly. I thought the pds could be the issue, so tried it out with a genlocked Folsom image pro instead, but the same behaviour. ive tried splitting the sdi signal and feed the decklinks with a separate signal, and also tried looping it through the first card. im running out of ideas, but maybe there is something simple ive simply forgotten. Thankful for any input (pun intended), Robert
  8. No Datapath capture with WO6

    Hi. The capture with Datapath visiorgb it is not possible with de version 6 of watchout if downgrade to version 5 works god. What can i do? Thanks
  9. Datapath "No Signal" dialogue

    Hello All, I have four computers with a compliment of Datapath cards: 2 with a Vision SDI2, and 2 with both a Vision SDI 2 and a Vision RGB-E1S DVI Capture card. Is there a way to turn off the no signal frame counter whilst passing inputs in Watchout (I've also reached out to Datapath)? I have an option for turning off the text (I presume it's this text) in the Vision software, but it doesn't seem to translate to Watchout (provided it should). I'd like to make it such that the cards will go black upon loss of signal to avoid having to reroute to another source downstream to cover for the reroute upstream (it's not always a luxury I have). I could also enter standby mode standby in the Watchout or go to black in the timeline, but depending on the show, that's not always desirable either. Thanks! Tim Monnig MooTV
  10. Datapath Input Freeze

    Hi When I switch to Datapath inputs, the captured feed freezes in a few seconds. I have to Offline/Online back and forth to go on. Tried with 3 different computers. Decklink input is just fine though. Drivers and Watchout are all latest version. Regards Efe Ersoy
  11. Datapath and Blackmagic Capture Cards

    I have got Watchout 5.5 and recently purchased a Datapath VisionRGB-E2S, to add to the existing blackmagicdesign decklink studio card. However since installing the datapath card windows no longer sees the blackmagic. Anyone got any suggestions as to how I can fix this?
  12. Hey All, I'm working on a permanent install that involves 12 channels of Watchout covering 84 seamless LCDs inside a semi trailer. The system has been working fine for a few years, but they recently wanted to do some upgrades. We kept the same core2 blade servers by Cubix, but upgraded to SSDs and upgraded the input cards from Blackmagic Intensity to Datapath VisionRGB-e1s cards, in each machine. I have one computer that keeps getting blue screen hardware errors that crash the whole computer... sometimes the computer doesn't even want to boot back up. I THINK I traced the hardware issue to the datapath card because when I tell watchout to not see the input on that display, everything seems to be running fine. I've tried drivers, because Datapath comes out with new drivers like every 2 days, but none seem to make a difference. Any Ideas? THANKS! Josh Kelley PK Pictures Cubix Core2 duos Windows 7 4gb RAM OWC 6G SSD Datapath VisionRGB-e1s Watchout 5.1