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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Just a heads-up that Dataton's David Aleksandersen and Ashok Sharma are at InfoComm India all this week. You'll find them at the Epson booth, D10, where you can also check out WATCHOUT in projection-mapping action. Call by booth D10 to chat or email [email protected] to book a meeting! Regards, Jacquie
  2. Hello, I am normally able to pull up a show that used commands through pjlink and take the commands from there and apply them to the New show. However, I am now using projectors I can't find previous shows for to copy the commands from. Are there differences in the commands for different projectors? or is it universal for all? I know the projectors use pjlink class 1, and I believe that's what the commands I use for the other projectors is. Here's the info. I'm currently using Epson Powerlite Pro Z8255NL. Example of power commands I'm using are %1POWR 1$0D for on, and the same with 0$0D for off. Shutter commands are %1AVMT 30$0D and 31$0D. These commands work flawlessly with the Epsons. The New projectors I'll be using are Sanyo PLC-XM150L. Will those same commands work? If not, how do I modify them to work and where do I find the info to do so? Any information would be super helpful. Thanks so much. -Chris Lyons Projections Engineer Drury Lane Theatre Oakbrook Terrace, IL