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  1. Hey ! I've been having this issue sometimes and it's, bugging me a lot.... I'have a buch of cues, all Freerun and loop, when the timeline comes to a pause cue the media will stutter not all of them but the ones that do it do it all the times... I run a 1920x1080 MPEG CBR 25 mbps file. It's seams that it's related to pre-roll or something of that sort... I'have pretty much tried all that i could like playing with the preroll from automatique to a preset and it's will just "move the problem". But if I pause using SPACEBAR it never doe's it... In the past what solved my problem was that I started a new show, imported all the medias and copied the cues from one shoe to another... We use the same machines and the same compression and about 20% of the time we get this. Any input will be appreciated ! Seb