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Found 1 result

  1. Hi We have recently changed design in a Watchout show. In the new show, we use our Dynamic Image server more than we used to. We used to present 1 image at a time, typically in a sequence with 5 images played one after the other. The images did a cross fade, so there was ver more than 2 images visibe at the same time. Now we play 3 at the same time. Watchout start out loading and playing out the 3 images, as intended, but after a while, 7-8 minutes or so, the images appear randomly, and sometimes not at all. To ensure stability and to have a simple unifirmed workflow, we have a system that creates the images for the presentation. It crops and scale the image, and wil always save it in the same format, in this case a HD image, 1920x1080 jpg 72 dpi. The only solution we could come up with, that actually works, is to load all dynamic images, used in all the different aux timelines designed, at the same time. For that purpose I made a composition, that loads everything in a corner of an output, that are not shown on any display. You shouldn't have to do that, hence the entire idea about the Dynamic Image server is to prevent such a workflow. I'm totally stuck here.... We're running WO v. 6.1.2. Have anyone else had this experience? Best regards Christian