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Found 4 results

  1. I have Watchpax 4 & also purchased - Epiphan - DVI2USB 3.0 & SDI2USB 3.0 how do i install it . when i open the remote access it opening in the production system But video in option is not on rest audio out , help & file is on. Kindly guide me how to activate it i am new to watchpax. If you have any tutorial on this please share me. V.S.Giri
  2. Hello everyone. Someone has proven these usb cards? It might work. best
  3. Our office has been using Watchout version 5.1 for many projects and for many years. The issue is that our USB holding the license is old and has been used many times and is beginning to fail. How can we buy or replace the USB with a new one so our license can be valid? Often we use Watchout for performances, so immediate online registration of the key is not possible because we wouldn't have access to Wi-Fi from the stage. Therefor, we need the license key on a USB. Can we buy a new USB with our license key on it? SIDE NOTE* I arrived in the office 1 year ago and the key and license we have been using is already three years old. I'm not sure if it is possible to locate the original purchase! Our office is in China and we used a Chinese seller to buy the program. We've been using the USB and key for many years... Many thanks!