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  1. Watchpoint Autostart Issue

    Recently i am facing issue with one of my display computer (watchmax w600) while turning on i am receiving error ( the WATCHOUT license key can be found Re-trying automatically in a few seconds) after that watchpoint is running. Please help me to fix this out. Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, We are very proud that WATCHOUT, WATCHPAX 4, WATCHNET and WATCHMAX production computer were chosen to drive Emaar's new record-breaking 1.7 billion-pixel video wall in The Dubai Mall. The video wall was unveiled in August and features 820 OLED screens from LG in a wavelike configuration. This new attraction measures 50 m by 14 m and is located above the main tank of the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in the mall. If you are in Dubai, don't miss it! Read more about the record video wall here: https://www.dataton.com/stories/watchout-runs-worlds-highest-resolution-video-wall-at-the-dubai-mall Thanks to everyone involved in the project, with a special humble thanks to systems integrator; DigiComm!
  3. hi. let me see The WatchMax

    I'm 5 Question about Option for use WatchMax 1.Can i use Master and Client together or not? 2.License key dongle 4 or only 1 ? 3.What Os for Watchmax? 4.What version of WatchOut license key 5. how to upgrade license key dongle after , if New version it will much better if i have datasheet Thank you
  4. We've changed from home built servers to the new WatchMax Servers and noticed we can't use our Peavey USB audio adapters. 1/8" audio connections out of the Sound cards work fine, but even the cheaper USB adapters seem to have less noise and better gain, and less tendency for ground hum. I'm guessing the OS on the WatchMax doesn't have the USB drivers for the Peavey USB audio Adapter. Is there a recommended USB audio driver? The Peavey seems to use a generic driver and shows up as DAC. Thanks, Bob