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W600 display card

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I am building a system for a fix installation with 17 projectors. 

all the projectors are XGA, so i thought about using W600.

anyone had any experience with 6 XGA outputs from W600?

I know that for 6 Full HD it's a bit low on GPU, but I am not sure about 6 XGA outputs...

appreciate some help and advice.





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Hi Guy,

we had few time ago this card in Avenue and displayed 6 outputs to 6 XGA projectors, but very quickly I replaced it to MSI 7970 lightening

if you play 6 video without effects and layers then its ok, but I had big problem when videos were layered, I mean when I was switching from dynamic background to another dynamic background I had big delay and stuttering.


Call me and I will explain in more details.



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