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Multiple input issues with Blackmagic Quad

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Does anybody experienced some issues with the Blackmagic Quad capture card?

Every inputs works perfectly, but when I use all of them at the same time on the timeline, its just flashing between the input signals for some seconds, and then nothing.

When I go back in timeline where I only use one of the input, it works....



Klaus K.



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This is caused by a common hardware configuration error.

Your motherboard is not supplying the needed x4 speed from its PCIe x4 slot.

Even though the physical connector may be x4 or x8, it is electrically operating at x1.

As a result of the insufficient bandwidth, the card will do one stream, but hits the bandwidth limit for more than one.


Even slots that are capable of x4 may step down to x1

when interacting with other PCIe cards (including the graphics card in some cases).

Sometimes the solution is as simple as moving the capture card to another available x4 slot

that is capable of operating at x4 bandwidth.

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