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4K Signal to 4K devices

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I have W9100/X99 system. I get all ticks for the Black-magic speed test. Im confident the machine will play a 4K file.

But there does not appear to be a lot of 4K signal-path gear out there (DA's, switchers even screens etc.)


The client wants 4096 x 2160. I think there will be a lot more gear out there that accepts QHD (3840 x 2160).

Does anyone know where a Displayport switcher / DA might be available that will work at these resolutions?

Would it (perhaps) be better to output DCI 2K (Which is a lot more compatible with downstream switch-gear) and scale up to 4K inside the display device (Which is supported.)


Any tips or warnings appreciated.



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Those products appear to be for 6G-SDI - not DisplayPort,

can you be more specific on which BMD products provide DisplayPort 1.2 switcher / DA ?


I am looking for similar solutions, also looking for a DisplayPort EDID manager capable of 4K.

Anyone out there seen these yet?

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