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video controlled by signage

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Hi There,


I need to run Watchout 5 or 6 together with a signage package.


The idea is as follows:


The signage program controls several players on which i can schedule video, movies, and much more.

But now the customer wants an architectural videowall  which can display a video . So far no problem.

However depending on some demographic data the video needs to be changed live from , lets say, male to female related content and this needs to be controlled by teh signage software.


My initial idea was to have the signage program "dump" the video into a ( network ) folder where Watchout can pick it up.

But it seems this can only work with an image ( sequence )


So the watchout videowall must act as a single player for the signage sofware .


Any idea's on how to do this? maybe Watchnet?


Love to hear some good ideas.

Many thanks.


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Can you load all the different videos onto WATCHOUT, and run them as separate timelines? If so, you can trigger the desired timeline from an external system over TCP/IP, talking to the display cluster directly.



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