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WO Production not playing sounds

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Hi All


My WO Production machine has, for some unknown reason, ceased to play back audio. This is really annoying as it makes programming a real pain in the backside as I am having to push to displays to preview my audio. Media clips play fine in both media player and QT - at first I thought it was a driver issue with my Novatis AudioHub not being recognised as the default output (or something along those lines) so I tried switching to internal soundcard with the AudioHUB disconnected and the drivers removed. No dice. The machine has had production audio working with both the AudioHUB and using internal sound card ever since the image was built 2 years ago, with the only changes I am aware of being the upgrading of the WO software on board - this issue does not line up with an upgrade though... so I don't know what could have changed. 


Assistance would be most welcome.

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Did you check the obvious, i.e. is the Play Audio Media item checked in the WATCHOUT Production Preview menu?


Probably does not matter here, but it is usually useful to indicate the WATCHOUT version you are using.

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In WO6 (not in v5), under Preferences, there is a audio out device selection for the various channels. If the device selection is correct, suggest you try an uninstall, reboot and install WO6 again. Can't think of anything else.


Good luck!

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