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Just stumbled over something, that might be a bug, or maybe something in Watchout that's working in another way. I've been working with 3D graphic for over 20 years, and normally when you move an object forward in the Z axis, it wil get in front of other objects, with less value in the Z position. Just discovered it works the other way round in Watchout. I've ceated a task, and placed 2 objects. One in layer 1 and one in layer 4. Switched to Z-depth stacking order on both objects. I couldn't figure out why I didn't work, until I reversed the values. Then it worked. Is that a bug or a feature?  ;)


Cheers Christian

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Hi there,


Behaviour should be clarified if you go to top view ctrl shift T or perspective view. Personally I never experienced the feature to work unnatural and I also use c4d / ae etc.

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