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Artnet from Watchout Display Computer

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Am I correct in saying that artnet can only be output from the production computer? 


Is there a way of forcing the display computer to output the artnet rather than production? I am wanting to take the production PC out of the system and run the watchout show via the display cluster protocol, which is working fine at the moment minus the artnet connectivity.


Any input (or indeed artnet output :) is welcome!)




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No you are wrong. Sending Art-Net from the display cluster master works perfectly fine. All you need to do is go offline with your production computer and re-load the show by sending a load command to the cluster master and when the show runs the cluster master computer will be the new Art-Net transmitter.


A note, some Art-Net receiving devices can be confused when they see a new transmitting device and try to merge the data from the old one (production computer) and the new one (cluster master) but it usually helps to restart the receiving devices to clear this confusion.


Hope this helps.


Best regards /jme

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Thanks for the reply. I eventually realised the error in my ways, and the reason was that I hadn't restarted the display software after taking the production PC offline.


Much appreciated though.

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