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WO 5.5.2- 5k videos- using MPEG-2, getting at most medium quality

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Hello again,

I'm successfully running a 5k (5120x3840) video on a videowall (4 x 4 outputs via mini-DP to active DP to HDMI).


The master is a ProRes video.

I tried the following formats:

  • WMV9- did not work, wouldn't even play.
  • H264- behaved fine except when it reached the cue to jump to the beginning, the show would hang (however, I only tested the default settings).
  • MPEG2- worked 'fine'.

The thing is: only Handbrake is able to transcode/output at this resolution (Adobe and friends do not) for MPEG-2. I tried increasing the bitrate but it seemed it wasn't possible to increase the quality much more, and with higher bitrates the video would stutter a lot.

I also tried ffmpeg but the quality seemed lower.


So, I'm requesting tips to achieve a higher quality.

Preferably, I would use H264 and activate every possible option which seemingly resembles 'fast decode'. But before trying that, I thought I'd ask for suggestions first.


Thanks in Advance for your help!

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I've always solved this with pre-split MPEG2s. I've heard of people having success with ffmpeg but I've never tried. I also in a pinch have used VLC to transcode but it never gave me warm and fuzzies.

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First of all, I am using Watchout 5.


As a follow-up, I got results which made me happy with H264, as long as I chose the options Fast Decode.


To summarize, this is 4 computers, with 4 displays each. The resolution of video is 5120x3840.



Why don't you use the pre split feature?


In order to save space, I tried to ask for the movie to be split such as there would be one video per computer.


However, since the cut is not even horizontally nor vertically (each block limit crosses other block in the middle), and H264 worked good, we did not follow on this.



Hi PedroR!


If you're on version 6, I suggest you try the HAP codec. The result can be pretty amazing, especially the playback performance.


Thanks, but I am on WO5 :)

I'll note the suggestion though :)

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