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First several seconds of each video are black before starting

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When my videos are inserted into the timeline, they have several seconds of just black dead space before starting. They do not appear this way when I watch them from within the media window. 


Can you offer suggestions?

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Not enough info to hazard a guess.


Movie codec info?


Frame rate?

More than one video starting at the same time?

Is the video placed to start at a pause cue?

Have your tried using manual pre-roll to increase time available to preload the video?


Display computer hardware info?


When you say "watch them from within the media window" 

do you mean the stage preview or an external media player on the production computer

accessed by double clicking on the thumbnail in the media window?

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I think the issue is, that if you start a video in an Aux timeline, it has to be armed for a few seconds. And since you don't want a lot of enabled timelines on at the same time, normallyn you would turn the of (stop) when you have played the timeline. What I normally prefer to do when I'm playong a video, is to either, as JFK suggested, have manual preroll, or make a 2 second pause before fading up the video. That should do the trick  :)


Best regards Christian

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