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Quadro K4200*2 SLI Mode + MST Hub?

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Hello, i have this configuration:

CPU I7 K6700

MB Asus x99-a

DDR 16gb

GPU Nvidia Quadro K4200*2 in SLI mode



Watchout supports outputs only one graphics card.
Each card 2 DP and 1 DVI.
I need 6 outputs 1080p
Can I use MST-hub to 3 DP, the two outputs of the graphics card.
Will WATCHOUT work all 6 outputs?
Will SLI mode to increase the overall performance?

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Looking at the specs on the K4200, it's only capable of streaming 2 outputs on each DP1.2 port(total of 4). So it would appear you're out off luck in this instance.


For the record, I've had fantastic results with 6 1080/30p outputs on the Firepro W9100.

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