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xml SMPTE caption file

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I'm working on a project at work and we are looking for some information about captions with Watchmax. We will be using a Watchmax Media server to play a 360 degree movie in a custom theater we are designing. Our client has asked to have personal close caption screens for ADA requirements.

We are leaning towards the CaptiView system from Dolby which takes in protocol SMPTE 430-10 over Ethernet. I believe we would want to load an XML caption file onto the Watchmax and output it to the CaptiView.

I have a limited understanding of the Watchout products and captions so we might need to change out some components in order to meet out clients needs. Does anyone have any knowledge on outputting captions from Watchmax?

Im looking for information on supported file types and protocols, output connections, and compatible hardware for displaying closed captions. 

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I was hoping someone would contribute, do not want to leave you hanging,

so at the least consider this a 'bump'.


I do not know the answer to your direct question.

Recently handled tech support for a museum captioning system,

but the captions were displayed on a seperate device external to the displays.

(and its data was an audio file played on WO back channels to its decoder).

Done in conjunction with 4 channel program audio.

Does not sound like what you are looking for.


Or is this something embedded in the movie file

that is simply passed through and decoded downstream of WO?


There is a way to send IP text packets containing user defined text and/or hex from the timeline.

So possibly there is a way to accomplish what you need?



I searched for "xml SMPTE caption" with no good info (it found this post ;)

searched for "SMPTE Caption" with only a bit more info,

I suspect you have to purchase SMPTE docs to get useful info?

Or is there anywhere you could point us for more technical info on what is required?


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