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Why low fps width Quadro k4200

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I use the Quadro k4200 videocard
In the specifications it is indicated that the card can work with 4 displays (using Mst)
Or 3 displays (2 DP + 1 DVI).
When I connect 3 displays, the maximum resolution I get is only 720p each. In this case, if I run 3 videos in 1080p, Watchout have very low fps width all videos (mp4/h.264)
After I took another such card and unified it in the SLI, but did not notice an increase in performance.
Is this normal behavior for this graphics card or am I having problems?
my pc:
Intel Core i7
asus x99-a
ddr-3 16gb
Maybe the Watchout is not as well optimized with nvidia as with amd?
If this is the normal performance for this graphics card, can I sell these cards and buy one firepro?
Ideally, I would like to have 4 outputs in 1080p without lags, with adequate FPS
Thank you and sorry for my eng


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