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Korg nanokey2 not working on WO as midi controller

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Hi, starting on a new server here. Im trying to use a Korg nanokey2 with WO as a midi controller to trigger my Aux scenes. Have gone through the preferences and everything looks to be ok. I tried using the Korg Nanokey 2 with the bundled software from Korg and it works fine. Is there any special setting that i have to change on WO? BTW, i have used a korg kontrol2 before and it worked fine plug and play on Windows. Only after trying the nanokey2 is when i started having this problem.


Has anyone tried the NanoKey2?



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I have the same problem. I can use nanokontrol2 but not nanokey2.

I hope someone can guide us to fix this because I need it to start tasks.

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