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WatchOut 5.1 issues

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I'm having issues with my newly installed WatchOut 5.1 system while running on Windows XP. We're getting the following issues when using an array of different media types, on various display machines (out of an 11 display machine system). No rhyme or reason whatsoever.


"Warning: There was an unexpected display configuration."


"Warning: Non-optimal display refresh frequency: 829273 Hz" (other random inaccurate refresh rates have shown as well)


"Rendering Error: 2005530520; [Facility 34934]"



We've tried doing everything but upgrading to Windows 7 (we had to downgrade to 3.4.2 for our show this evening).


Any feedback would be extremely helpful.



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The message "Warning: There was an unexpected display reconfiguration" generally means that some other program or system component (i.e., not WATCHOUT) has changed the system's desktop configuration. One reason for the system to do so is if it finds a display has been connected or disconnected. Thus, this problem can be caused by display cabling or interface problems.


Are you attempting to run multiple outputs from this display computer? If so, that complicates matters further as there are more sources that can potentially trigger such "reconfigurations" (including display adaptors, EDID issues, etc). Also note that multiple outputs requires Windows 7, and doesn't work reliably under XP.

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