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Watchout 6: Lost 3D Projector

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Was just playing with the 3D projection mapping tool. I see that sometimes when I map it to an object, the actual projector gets lost in 3D space and I am unable to find it. Is there a way to "gather" the projectors? or have a list of what projectors I have, so that I can edit them via the list?


Since I am already asking a question, I might as well ask another...


How can I be certain that when I import a 3DS file, that it is placed at a Z of 0. In my tests I found that my content, and my 3D object were aligned in the X and Y axis, but not the Z.



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The list is there: Stage > View Stage List....

Here you can select all displays by name.


One tip:

First define 5 calibration points and align those to the real world, then add the 6th point. Nothing will move before the 6th point is defined.


The positioning of a 3D object depends of the internal 0 in model space. It can be influenced on the general tab of the 3D Model Cue (Anchor Position within Model).

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I've had the lost projector happen as well. It's frustrating.


You can typically get it by going to the 'Top' or 'Left' views.


For positioning, double-click the 3d object in the timeline and place it at 0,0,0 using the 'Initial Stage Position' fields.


Also Z

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