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Problem Audio - Flanger left right

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Hi guys,


I had a problem with the playback audio. I listen during the playback a little random flanger on Left/Right channel. It's always random on time (sometimes really short, like a flanger, sometimes longer like a delay.

Sometimes i can see on my Motu 828 mk2 (Fireware) the difference on the meter on the audio interface.

It's always random, sometimes happen sometimes doesn't.

I play Video (in MPeg4, h264) and audio (AIFF 48Khz, WAV 48 Khz, doesn't metter the extension, that problem happen in both of audio).

My set up is:

Win7 (display)

WO 6.1.4

Win10 (production)

WO 6.1.4

Motu 828 mk2 Fireware on production.




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