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Problem audio loop 6.2.1

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hello, I installed watchout 6.2.1 to solve the problem of the audio loop,

but there are still problems, the video runs regularly but the audio is heard only twice, the third disappears.

does anyone have the same problem ?

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I have just spent the past couple of days experimenting with version 6.2.1 and a variety of audio interface units to test how they work out.


I can confirm that there still appears to be a looping problem as piccinaezio suggests.


Files will freerun/loop 2 maybe 3 times then mute until the loop is triggered again. However the shorter the file the less problem of muting on loop. 


I also observed audio degradation, cracking and breakup which only appeared when cues were set to freerun/loop. This got worse the more files were played simultaneously.


Quality and muted loop problems persisted regardless of audio or video/audio format type, 2ch and multichannel. MP3, AAC, WAV were tried as well as different sample rates, same problem.


Tried various types of audio interface, MOTU, Sapphire, Dante Virtual Soundcard, Yamaha PCIe Dante Accelerator card all setup as ASIO devices all the same result.

Can't see how ASIO4ALL will help if I'm already using the ASIO drivers but willing to be corrected.


Also noticed some very strange channel mapping when using the MOTU units and audio drop out, although the latter is a known problem with some Intel motherboards and USB audio interfaces.


Any thoughts and suggestions welcomed.

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Same problem. Audio files won´t loop after 2 or 3 times . Tested with diferent audio interfaces (MOTU ultralite mk3 hybrid, Native Instruments Komplete audio 6, Yamaha AG 06, M Audio fast track pro) and in different computers (windows 10 server, windows 8.1 server and Mac pro Late 2013 server (Win 8.1 via bootcamp)). Also tested with different audio format types. 

I´m really intrested in using WO 6.2 feautures like NDI, but with this kind of issues It´s impossible migrate from 6.1.6.

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Get further tests with other machines and watchout 6.2.1 but the audio loop problem remains. No news from Dataton? Thank you


Looks like is a conflict with the duration of the audio files. I made a lot of test and could make loop an audio file that wasn´t looping before changing the duration of the file. 

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Yes, there is an issue with looping video files with embedded audio in Watchout 6.2.1. We are looking into a solution for this. The problem is that audio (AAC for example) is compressed in chunks of a few milliseconds each, which in almost all cases makes the audio track slightly longer than the video track. The audio chunks are fixed in size, and you cannot have half a chunk or something like that. Usually the last part of the last audio chunk in the file is silent, just to fill up the last chunk so you get all of the audio encoded, rather than making the audio track slightly shorter, thus truncating the audio track. 

This makes the timing incorrect when looping. I assume you are running compressed audio. If possible, try to use uncompressed audio (PCM) instead. This will make the file larger, but since there is no compression in chunks involved, the audio track should be exactly as long (or very very very close) as the video track, which should make the problem disappear. 

As always, keeping the audio in a separate file usually works best, which could also serve as a workaround (or a permanent solution). 



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