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New forum sign-in procedure

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As you may notice, this forum underwent an upgrade today.

In the past, the sign-in process required you to enter your registered name (not your forum display name) and password.

This has now changed, and you now must log-in with your forum display name and password. This rendered my browsers saved log-in information inoperative. Easy enough to correct once you understand that.

I decided to place this post when I checked how many people were viewing the forum, and saw 11 guests and 0 logged in users. So I suspect the new log-in may have caught more than a few people unaware. Since guests can see this post, hope this helps ;)

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Hello, I'm not sure what this forum upgrade was but essentially since your post, I am now receiving Emails every time a new post is made on the watchout forum.

I have gone into my account settings to turn these notifications off, but the emails seem to continue to come through.

I suspect I'm doing something wrong, but I wasn't sure if you could shed some light on this. :)

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Hi, Callum!

when you enter the WATCHOUT FORUM, to the right of the heading you have a "following" button. I can see that you are subscribed to receive notifications from the entire forum (which is why you get the emails), but I cannot remove you from the list. You have to do that yourself. 

Best regards, 


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It would help on usability if you deleted the text "Email Address" in the sign in box as it doesn't work and will lock your account for 15 mins after two failed attempts. 

Best regards


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