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Problem to make a re-launch on a Watchpax2 after 6.2.1 upgrade

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We run a presentation where we use a Watchpax2 and have connected an Epiphan AV.io 4K USB capture dongle.
Watchpax2 has never found the capture dongle after power on.
We must always enter Remote Access and do a Re-launch and then Watchpax2 will find the Epiphan.
This has been good when we used Watchout 6.1.6, but now we run 6.2.1 and when we try to make a Re-launch, the Watchpax does not restart properly.
We get the message that the "License Key doesn´t support this version".
We need to do a Re-launch to get started the capture dongle.
What can we do about it?


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