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Can WATCHOUT see Dante Virtual Sound Card as more than 2 channels

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Has anyone successfully outputted multi channels of audio out of Dante Virtual Sound (DVS) card using WATCHOUT?   I am doing a large museum exhibit that has its audio system set up using a Dante and I have six channels of audio that I’m trying to push from a WO server computer using the Date Virtual Sound card, which is digital audio over IP using a second NIC on the WO server PC.   I have done multichannel analog audio with WO many times, but using Dante and WO I can only access one stero pair at the same time.  In the WATCHPOINT software on the server computer I can pull the audio device menu down and see 16 channels (8 stereo pairs) of Dante audio but since they’re all separate I can only access one stereo set.

Has anyone successfully accessed all the channels using DVS?   If you have, can you help me understand how to accomplish this?  It would be much appreciated even if it requires me purchasing additional hardware.

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I just want to say with the help of fellow WO designer Sean Fluster and my onsite audio team I was able to get Dante Virtual Sound Card completely working with 8 separate channels in WO.   I intend on writing a full report about how to accomplish this because it is a very useful audio tool, but I am moving to the next project so it might be a few weeks before I get it written down.

the good news is that it can be done and it just takes a little finessing.

stay tuned

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Thanks, mindopera! 

We are looking forward learning your take on Dante. Note that we are also working on an informational document to cover the use of Dante in WATCHOUT. 

Best regards, 

David Aleksandersen
Commercial Support Manager
Dataton AB

+46 70 552 32 30
[email protected]

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