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Watchout - Back up files

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Dear all,

As a Watchout user, I would like to be informed about backing up the files in a case of any hardware/ software issue as I will be able to save the media and Wathcout files.

I would like to ask, how to make a image/ copy of the files? Regarding my previous experience with Clonezilla software, I want to know is this software good for this purpose s, as I can make an image/ copy of:
• Partition where is Watchout installed and media files on the Production computer and keep the image on the external drive.
• All disks on the Display computers - Watchmax (1 x SSD – Operating system, 2 x SSD RAID 0 - Media).

I want to know your opinion about this, any advice what software to be used or any other way to make a backup.

Also I am planning to change the Production computer which is a laptop and put PC. What should I take care with higher attention? May I just transfer the media and watchout files to the new computer, connect the license and time code to the
new computer?

Any advises will be very helpful and appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,

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If you want to backup a show, the best way is to use the "Consolidate To ..." command on the file menu. Choose the "Copy" option when asked in the Consolidate Media Files dialog. You have a choice to copy only files referenced by a cue, or all files in the media Window whether they are used by a cue or not. 

Consolidate not only copies all needed files, it adjusts media items paths to make them portable. The file reference adjustments are crucial to moving the show to a new computer without errors.

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Just a clarification to Jim's excellent advice. If you religously copy all media files into the directory containing the .watch file of the show (or a subdirectory thereof), all media file references will be relative. Such references do not begin with a slash in their file path. If so, you can copy the folder containing the whole shebang as is. But if you're unsure as to whether there may be media files stored in other locations, Jim's advise is your best option, since it will copy such files in a way that makes them relative (by copying them into a subfolder of the consolidation target location, and adjusting their paths accordingly).


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