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Rendering Workflow for Watchout

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I am an FX artist at a content creation company and I am tasked with creating the content for an upcoming projection event. The projection company asked the content mapped to uv space of 3d model but i am having some trouble understanding the concept and your help is greatly appreciated.


To sum the project: A sequence of fx renders will be projected on a building surface which has a U shaped indent in the middle (attached a rough copy of model as obj as i dont have permission to upload the original).  The building will be made of wireframe and it has to precisely snap on real building. other elements like particles and stuff will be floating inside. (an example render has been attached). 4 projectors (2 * 2 stack) with rougly 30 degree rotations will be used to project the image (attached a top view and perspecitve view).  


So my questions are: 

1 - Where should i place my rendering camera at 3d space and what should be the focal length ?  

2 - Should i render with only one camera or multiple cameras ? 

3 - How should i project my rendered image to the model. If i project it from one of the left or right cameras the image gets distorted, or if i project from my render cam i cant project to side walls. 

4 - I have created the uv's with auto mapping but should i create it with camera projection? 


Any help is highly appericated. Thanks in advance 






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You're making this too hard on yourself. The content you create should be on the flattened uv map of the model, which will then be mapped to the model in watchout.

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