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Display changing frequency - newly built display servers

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I just built 2 display servers and I ran through the windows 10 tweak list 3 times. 


Everytime I put my system online it takes some time (around a minute) while all displays start blinking and I get those frequency errors. Sometimes it changes to 59Hz, sometimes to 70 something. 

I'm emulating all 6 outputs. And using the sync card to synchronize all displays to 60Hz. (See photo)

Can anybody help me please?


Windows 10 LTSB 2016

Xeon W-2145 8-core 

32GB ECC 2666Mhz RDIMM memory (4x8Gb)

Asus C422 motherboard

Radeon Pro WX9100

S400 Sync Card

Datapath Vision E2





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Are you setting the proper resolution in Windows or AMDs control panel before going online? If not, WATCHOUT will try to switch the resolution (along with the frequency). When I did this part of WATCHOUT way back, I made sure that if the res was set properly before going online, WATCHOUT would not attempt to make any changes at all to the display config. That my have changed since, though.

Mike - http://pixilab.se/

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I had this every time with win 10 this year. My setup was different though. Anyway, it always helped to restart the display machines after setting the frequencies to what  needed. After that it worked all day.

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I am having a similar issue with a new display build (Win10, WX8100, HP Z440)

I went through the tweak list on build and have the display machine working with two outputs just fine.  After setting up a third output to the same settings as output 1 and 2 (1080P, 60hz) all three displays blink and never show the IP screen. 

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