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HAP glitch in 6.3.1 ?!?!

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Hi All

i 've noticed a bug in wo 6.3.1 (didn't check with older versions)

i have a video file in Hap, encoded with regular settings.

no sound, size is 4416 x [email protected]

duration is 2 seconds.

it plays smoothly, no issues, but if i extend the duration of that file to 10 s in the timeline

(because i need to stay on last frame of the animation.)

a strange bug happens : if i go to next media in time line and go back to the previous one (with a click jump )

the video is not displayed, except if i go back to the 2 seconds in the beginning of that file, which is its real duration.

as this video is extended in the timeline for 10seconds. if i locate on the last 8 seconds, nothing

displayed, no video, nothing.

freerun option checked or not for this video file : it's not working

loop option checked: working but that's not what i want !

very weird if you need to go back in the time line in emergency ! it happens sometime !

Any ideas ?

Tak  !

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I'm not sure what the expected behavior should be, but I would expect what you're seeing to happen.

Typically I've done this with stills of the last frame on another layer.

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This is not new for 6.3.1 and it is not unique for HAP files. The behaviour is the same for all video cues.

It is a known bug/behaviour but not yet scheduled to be fixed.

Hopefully we can get the time to fix it soon.

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