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how to make watchnet bundle in version 5

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i am in middle of an old installation which needs to be rectified a bit, but i am not finding any material in regards how to create watchnet bundle in watchout version 5,

need support.

thanks in advance. 

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Hi Rishabh,

You need to do it manually compressing different files and folders in a zip and then changing the extension. Here you have some instructions from older Watchnet manual:

Creating a WATCHOUT bundle
You will be able to export such a presentation bundle directly from within a future WATCHOUT
version. In the meantime, a bundle can be created manually by following these steps.
1. Consolidate the show to a folder.
2. Select all items in this folder (you must select all the items inside the folder, as shown
below, not the folder itself), and compress them to a ZIP file.
3. Rename the resulting ZIP file to showname.wob, where “showname” is the name the show
will be known under in WATCHNET.
NOTE: Make sure you have “show file extensions” enabled in Windows, so the file gets the
desired .wob extension. If file extensions are hidden, Windows may instead rename the file to
“showname.wob.zip”, which will not work in WATCHNET.


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Simple answer, this feature was introduced in WATCHOUT 6. You can't export WATCHNET bundles in WATCHOUT 5.

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