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On 1/9/2018 at 8:28 PM, ColinRendell said:

The ability to ALT Tilde [ ` ] between windows within Watch Out would be super handy.

you can do this with Ctrl+Tab & Ctrl+Shift+Tab

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On 1/27/2018 at 8:01 AM, ibmcclain said:

A "Status Recall" feature for MSC.  The idea being, if Watchout gets a MSC command number 70, and I have pause cues numbered 60 , 80 and 90, if the playhead isn't between those 60 and 80 cues, it will recall the earlier and play 60. In a theatre setting this during a technical rehearsal, or when you need to emergency hop cue numbers, this will keep things in the right "cue".  At the same time, if the playhead is between 60 and 80, I don't want MSC cue numbers 71-79 to trigger 60 over and over, only when i'm outside that cue range.

I fully support this. Working as the Watchout programmer on theatre shows, I feel like half my job on rehearsals and plotting is just acting as a manual 'tracking console' to move Watchout back when a previous LX cue is run! I imagine there'd be some serious complexities to this but tracking is a pretty fundamental concept in theatre lighting.

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