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  2. We recently upgraded from 6.2 to 6.5. Now when the external command "gotoControlCue idle1" is run from a remote box it works great. When any other gotoControlCue to a differnt time slice area the screen just flickers on the current time slice and doesn't move. If you put the system in Offline then it shows immediately where it should be and then requires putting the system back online which can take a bit of time. Our system has a production server and 6 display servers with 6 displays on each of them so a total of 36 displays. Not sure if there is a better way to run the commands. The system is used to display an award over a slot machine so on every call the award characters are reset to 0,0 just in case so that they do not show over a machine. authenticate 1 setInput "TimeHop1x" 0 setInput "TimeHop1y" 0 setInput "TimeHop2x" 0 setInput "TimeHop2y" 0 setInput "TimeHop3x" 0 setInput "TimeHop3y" 0 setInput "TimeHop4x" 0 setInput "TimeHop4y" 0 setInput "TimeHop5x" 0 setInput "TimeHop5y" 0 gotoControlCue idle3 run The production server is correct and showing on the preview the right timeline however the display servers are flickering from their last timeline and no updating. If I go to offline and then online they will synchronize correctly.
  3. saradanyal, are you sure you're in the right forum? This forum is not supporting DELL servers. It's a forum for Dataton WATCHOUT and related products.
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  5. Yes now i am not facing any problem from past 9 months now i am using active cables between processor and watchmax soo may be thier is some issue in cables becz at that time cables was not active
  6. We are using 2 servers for the wall but in a main and back up scenario. They have sync cards in them but are only syncing their own outputs rather than daisy chaining. We are using NDI scanconverter not NDI /HX (not mac compliant). It turns out Scan converter will not give you frame rate accurate outputs the dropping frames just gets amplified by the size of the wall The entire network is gigabit though not a mangaed switch All Cat6 cables We did testing with powerpoint later this week and were equally disapointed with the results. While the whole Video over IP thing is a really good idea there seems to be too many competing Technologies. NewTek need to improve scanconverter Thats my 2 cents Ben
  7. Hi, I'm not in the studio now so I can't check exactly the version of GPU driver but the first thing I did when I get this problem was reinstalling the last version of GPU driver. The server was tuned following the Dataton indications for Win7, as I said it had not any problem with the WO versions before 6.1. Anyway following your advice I'll go to delay the start of WO, maybe the new versions have shorter time of reaction and they aren't able to detect all the active outputs in time. Let's see what happens, I'll let you know. Thanks for the help!
  8. Yes, mindopera wanted to know which graphic card driver version you're using. Have you done all the tweaking required for WIndows 7? Have you updated any other software or drivers when you moved to WO 6.2.2? Delaying the start of WATCHOUT is pretty simple and might help if your graphic card driver or other components are too slow. Just use the "-Delay" command together with your shortcut to start WATCHOUT.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply. The OS is Windows 7pro, I built the server 2 years ago and until now it worked perfectly. It still works if I downgrade to 6.1 version. The problem starts from 6.2.2 version. The WO dealer here in Italy can't give me an explanation of this problem. He just mentioned that the problem might be connected with the time that WO needs to identify the active outputs. He suggests to operate in register REGEDIT and increasing that time. But he said this problem is with Win10 not with Win7. What do you mean for "video driver"? The driver of the GPU? Thanks.
  10. I tried downloading that VW bus file as a .OBJ, and it seems to have UV map coordinates, and I was able to import it to WO without any problem. You probably downloaded it in .PLY format, which doesn't have support for UV map.
  11. Can you give more info on he OS and video driver you are using. Is the a server you built or one built by a Dataton dealer? Also, have you tried version in between, like 6.4.1?
  12. Hi to Everyones, my server works perfectly with WO versions before 6.1 (included) instead with the successive versions it doesn't work with all the outputs. Basically with WO 6.1 it easily drives four 1920x1024 outputs, instead if I update it to WO 6.5 version, it drives 2-3 1920x1080 outputs and it's not stable. The GPU is AMD Firepro W600 with 6 minidisplay ports, connected by active adaptors, CPU is I7 on motherboard ASRock. I used this server without any problems for 3 years. Had anyone a similiar problem? Any advice? Thanks Maurizio
  13. The most important point is that the cue to loop back has to sit somewhere BEFORE the end of the video, e.g. 0.015 sec earlier. The point to jump too also needs to be AFTER the start of the video. Once the video reaches the end of the cue rectangle the graphic card will forget about it and needs to reload again. As long as you stay within the borders of the cue it will keep the file in the memory.
  14. A 3D model can be just a model with x, y and z coordinates but without a texture (pixel) flow defined by the UV mesh. To use it with WATCHOUT the file needs to have at least on UV mesh area defined. Usually this is done in Cinema 4D or similar software. You should check out the 3D related tutorial videos on the Dataton website: https://www.dataton.com/training/academy-training-videos
  15. Hello, The issue I have is that I'm getting an error "no mesh with texture (UV) coordinates found". The file seems to be fine, I can open it in а 3D viewer and it looks good. But I'm not sure, I'm not a pro at this. Should i use any kind of 3D software to fix the model? What do you suggest? P.S. I've been trying to use this 3D model in case it might help identify what the problem is.
  16. Wow, I just registered, but I can say that it’s almost the most useful thing that I saw all this time for this question, thanks)
  17. I never managed to correctly loop, do you have any ideas how this is done at all, did anyone succeed? (It's about moments over 1 minute)
  18. Thanks all for the feedback on performance. When providing such useful information it would be helpful if you included the WATCHOUT version providing the observed performance.
  19. Hello all, Sorry to revive an old topic. I am in the process of finding a new laptop to be our production machine, and I'm interested in an MSI laptop, specifically the MSI GL75 17,3" FHD 120Hz. So I found this topic discussing problems with the MSI. Did OP or anyone else figure out the cause of his problems? Was it that the 120hz display was causing troubles? The specs for the laptop I'm interested in, are as follows: MSI GL75 17,3" FHD 120Hz GeForce GTX1660Ti 6GB, Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, Anti-reflex, MSI Matrix Display, 120 Hz, 512 GB SSD - (M.2) PCIe - NVM Express (NVMe) , Windows 10 Home Advanced. Has anyone else had success using MSI GL laptops has production machines? Or would you recommend something else in this price range (max 2000$) Thanks!
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  21. Are you using one server for the LED? Which graphic card? Are you using a sync board? Is it NDI or NDI/HX you're talking about?
  22. Reliable looping between cues on aux timelines is possible using the methods above, providing your server hardware is powerful enough. SSD IOPs and read speed, GPU horsepower and PCIe bandwidth must be sufficient and balanced to enable seamless and accurate jumping between cues whilst playing high-bitrate non-keyframed content. Our 6-output servers can happily loop 6x 4K60fps HAPQ video layers in aux timelines simultaneously with no blank frames.
  23. Hi, This is coming up a lot this week. I recommend trying vMix instead of Newtek Scan Converter. I would not expect frame accuracy form NDI.
  24. I recently had to bring in a keynote presentation into a Watchout show. Using NDI scan converter for mac the NDI stream was not frame accurate. We are presenting on a large LED wall so we had to use a 4K keynote for pixel accuracy. This is essentially a road show so I need a better solution. Would you use a 4K HDMI to NDI capture box or Would you use a 4K HDMI to Usb capture card? Installing 4K capture in our servers is currently not an option. Magewell $K usb capture is a thought but I am intrigued by NDI The presentation in Keynote is critical and a switcher is not inline between Watchout and the LED processors. Any thoughts are welcome
  25. Hello, In my experience, REAL error-free looping between cues in an AUX timeline is not possible (be it stills or video, whatever codec or format). there will always be a short flash to „transparent“, revealing the layer beneath it. Often showing black. So, either use looping with „free-run“ or make the aux timeline so long and repeat the clip as long as needed. Like several hoursor so... Otherwise use the main-timeline for looping a clip/stills between cues. So sad. But still loving the system...
  26. Which audio codec are you using? Try a WAV file.
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