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  2. Which IP are you using in your production computer and which IP is shown on your display computer logo screen when you start the system? What sort of display computer are you using? WATCHPAX/WATCHMAX or custom built?
  3. Thankyou jfk. Any device to suggest?
  4. There is no facility within WATCHOUT to add delay to live video. You would need to add a video delay device prior to sending the signal to WATCHOUT.
  5. Hi everyone, In my show I have two live video feeds as inputs but they have different delay. Can I delay one of them?
  6. Hi all, I am trying to connect a new show server with my production PC but it doesn't appear automatically in my "Display computers found on the local network". How can I set the IP in the showserver in order to fully connected with production PC. Thank you experts.
  7. Last week
  8. Some success today. I was able to get the S400 sync card to keep the output locked. However the content is still drifting. Here are the changes I made. I noticed today that even though my WO preference was set to 60hz and I had manually set the displays to 60 hz (which I was able to verify on Decimator screen) when I took the servers online the decimators show that they are receiving 59.94 and if I go back to the AMD sync I see the output and no longer frame locked. The fix for this was to set the WO preference to 59.94, manually set the display to 59.94 and then sync all the display
  9. That does nor rule out an error in the meta data related to duration. As a simple test, try slightly reducing the duration of the first clip.
  10. Yes I’m positive there is no black on the clip. I checked the clip in QuickTime and I combined the clips in final cut and there is no black when editing. I’ll look into pre roll setting. Right now I’m using a decent laptop as the production computer, but I’m wonder if I should be using another display server as the production.
  11. As have we https://cdn.dataton.com/Files-PDF-etc/old_software/MICSOFT.pdf Best Regards, Angelica Dataton AB
  12. Are you sure that there is no black frame in your content at the beginning or end of those clips. What is the filesize in regards to pixels (w x h)? Have you tried extending the pre-roll manually in the second video clip? This used to help in the past when the perfomance of a computer system was not good enough.
  13. that is a long gap. I just tried it myself on a tiny Surface Pro 3 with an i5. No displays attached, though. Using a full HD Prores 422 clip, audio as wav. It worked in the Main and in an Auxtimeline without any flashing. Maybe test it with a fresh project and only two clips, to check if is a computer, graphics card, quicktime installstion (none required) or somehing.
  14. I try to use the original prores 422 files and unfortunately I'm still see the flash of black. See attached video. Both the production laptop and display servers have m.2 drives so performance should not me and issue. Img 9196-1.m4v
  15. Hi... I have not worked with HAP at all so far, because I find the filesizes ridiculous. So for troubleshooting I would recommend trying the original ProRes 422 (not HQ) files, they might play in watchout. Or MP4. Make sure the computers and SSDs/drives can handle the files. We had some from a rental company, who insisted the machines were capable enough but it turned out and rental had to admit, they were not.
  16. Thanks for your help. I’ll rebuild my show and test it Monday. You said it was best have separate clips for each cue on the same timeline, but after splitting the clips into separate files and snapping them together the same layer I get a flash of black when the play head crosses clip one to clip two. The content was exported from Final Cut Pro as ProRes 422 and the convert to Hap with AVF batch converter. Hap set to 100%
  17. For your described purpose, absolutely yes. No. Do not do this. Video compression makes this a bad idea. By using a separate video on a single timeline for each cue, each cue will begin with an I-frame.
  18. So how should I program a show that has 28 cues that need to be tight with an actor on stage. ie they say their line and I follow along. Is single timeline safer to use. Should I render the entire show as a single video and just have stop and start cues?
  19. When triggering aux timelines from the Stop state, it is important to allow enough time at the head of the timeline for the video to cache. Starting video to soon could result in inconsistent playback. Alternately, send the aux timeline a pause to wake it up and cache prior to sending the run command.
  20. I'm using a steam deck and companion to fire cue commands to different timelines on the production server. Sometimes when I set the command a cue will play in sync, sometimes its out of sync and then I'll send the same command and they will be back in sync. I'm use 10g cards in the servers but they are on a 1g basic switch.
  21. Assuming the large error is not occurring at start and does not correct shortly after a start, synch loss that significant is possibly a network issue where the UDP multicast packets that maintain synch are lost or delayed.
  22. I need some help in getting 2 Display servers to play constantly in sync. My setup is 2 servers and 1 production Laptop running v6.6.2. The servers are have w9100 GPUs and S400 Sync cards. Content is rendered HAP Some times the servers play in sync but then during rehearsals and testing I can see the outputs lose sync, Not just by a frame sometimes by a second. I configured the S400 card according to https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/watchout/how-do-i-set-up-sync-with-s400-without-house-reference But when I reboot I lose the sync settings and I think I if take the servers o
  23. No, KEYLINK requires a SMARTPAX connection. BTW Digital SMARTLINK can also accept switch closure input to trigger TRAX events. But like KEYLINK, Digital SMARTLINK also requires a SMARTPAX or SMARTPAX QC connection. But KEYLINK is much easier to connect. I only mention Digital SMARTLINK in case one might be on hand.
  24. Thanks Hugo! Can the KeyLink also be connected to a PAX instead of a SMARTPAX?
  25. Hi all, We have a system with the Dante VSC working great for output but I wonder if there's any way to use to send TC to WO to sync. Best regards, Quim
  26. Hi, I've been involved in a very big project where I had to add many correction points and it's quite hard when I have to select, modify, so would good to have for the next version a zoom option in the geometry tap of the Display window. Same in the View and Calibrate taps for 3D projectors. Best regards, Quim
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