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  2. The ability to snap the position of the corner points of a virtual display outputs to other corner points of other virtual displays, and the ability to select more than one corner point at one time, both of the same virtual display and of another so it stays in a relative position - not unlike Madmapper and Resolume
  3. I'd have to second this for a very helpful addition to Watchout - 3d mapping projectors being able to route through to a virtual display which then could be composed onto a more complex composition - a fx4 layout etc. I have a relatively old 4x projector show that tours quite a lot, that we try to keep the touring kit to a minimum- we hope to update it onto Watchout for the future. Only one output requires, or would benefit, from a 3d mapping output. The show has run via a datapath programmed on Avolites Ai in the past and before that Catalyst, I'm struggling to work out the best way to m
  4. 300 meters of SDI cable? That is three times longer than the average maximum of 100 meters that SDI supports, depending on the resolution of the SDI signal. I'm surprised it even works over that distance. Have you tried a 100 meter cable? I have had the distorted audio signal too with BM micro convertor too btw.
  5. Thanks for letting us know that you're at least reading this thread. What would be really helpful is some kind of high-level roadmap for Watchout, specifically in relation to the possibility of implementing major features like Notch, which would directly affect current purchasing decisions. Your competition seem to be much more open with their plans, which inspires confidence and leads to sales.
  6. HI everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time and write to us here, I just wanted to make sure you know that we are reading this thread and of course taking your thoughts and ideas into consideration when developing WATCHOUT and WATCHPAX further. It's very helpful 🙏🏻 I would also like to push for our Help Center, where you can add feature requests as well: https://dataton.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals Best, Magnus Broeders Development Manager
  7. Yes, this would be awesome! I'm doing most of my content in realtime these days and not rendering huge videos at all. Notch has totally revolutionized my production pipeline by setting me free from having to render looping videos and trying to find ways to transition fluidly from one scene to another. Realtime content production is a big game changer in our industry.
  8. Make your normal settings on Watchout. Try step by step, reducing the output of the source computer from 60 hertz on the computer. After capturing the signal, go back to the hertz setting you want. The important thing is that Black Magic cards catch the signal once, then they will not forget it.
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  10. Which version of WATCHOUT are you using? Are you using a ready built system from WATCHOUT (WATCHMAX, WATCHPAX), a system built by your Premium Partner or a self-designed server?
  11. The DataPath utility uses the proprietary DataPath driver, WATCHOUT uses the WDM driver. Since they are using different drivers that conclusion is invalid.
  12. If you haven't changed anything in your system and WATCHOUT used to play the two signals ok before, I would rather guess that something in your server or in the incoming signal flow incl. the cables has changed or got broken.
  13. I had trouble getting my Blackmagic Decklink SDI 4k card working. It worked fine in Blackmagic Express, but nothing showed up in WO. I finally got it working by changing 'Digital Video Standard' to 'Custom Video' when double clicking on the input in the media window. Good luck
  14. Hi, I have been using Datapath VisionLC-HD2 (2 x HDMI input) for over a year now, and it has been working fine. We use our WO server for a tv show where we get 2 SDI inputs which we convert tot HDMI. Since last week the signal output is shaky. I found out that when I pull out one of the two inputs (doesn't matter which one) the other one is becomes stable. If I look directly to the inputs using the Datapath software these inputs are ok, so I guess it is WO that can't cope with the 2 HDMI signals at the same time (all of a sudden). That is ofcourse strange because it worked untill l
  15. Hi all, I am Facing a very critical error, sometimes When i try to go online,the the loading screen appers on my production computer but does not load and if i cancel and try to go online again also it won’t load,I have to do turn off the display pc omegle xender and then have to go online then it works. it happens sometimes,please can anyone tel me what is the issue?
  16. I'm also going to add the request to integrate Notch blocks directly. Making content in Notch is simply revolutionary after years of rendering. Having the ability to make use of Notch's realtime parameters directly within the media server is the way forward of content creation for live performance.
  17. Which driver are you using for the Radeon Pro cards??? Did you run your show in WATCHOUT 5 on your new system or was it on a different system? Did you try to update the old system to WATCHOUT 6.6.1 or 6.6.2? When HAP shows green videos, it is usually an indication that you have more codec packs on your computer than just those installed with WATCHOUT. Could that be the case? Is VLC running on the new computer? Did you install any HAP codec on your new computer?
  18. Playing 4x mp4, but the files and output is only 1024x768 We have tried two different AMD Radeon Pro cards, Can't remember the model numbers right now. ok, we'll try playing the audio on the production computer. Really annoying that there is no errors in the logs when it actually fails.
  19. If it works when plying sound from the production computer, it gives you some indication where to search deeper. How many MP4 files are you playing on one server and on how many outputs? Codecs? Codec settings? Which graphic card are you using and which driver?
  20. Version 6.6.1 Video files are without audio. When the show fails both video and audio fails. We could try to play the audio on the production computer, but since video also fails I'm not sure it would make a difference?
  21. Which version of WATCHOUT are you using? I guess that the audio files are separate files but are the video files without audio as well? Have you tried playing sound from the production computer instead of playing from a server?
  22. Additional info: Forgot to mention: when the fault occurs it can also be fixed by pause/play on the controller, no need to go offline/online.
  23. We have a project that has been converted from WO5 to WO6. It's playing mp4 video with 5.1 audio as a wav file. It has been working flawless on WO5 for 6 years, but on the new hardware and WO6 we are getting random faults that result in both the video and audio not playing. The fault sometimes corrects itself when the video is finished and the next video is played. When the fault happens the show is still online and there are no errors as far as I can tell. Going offline and back online fixes the problem. We are getting an audio error in messages on the controller PC every ti
  24. „...but a virtual studio might have several surfaces on which content can be displayed: animated backdrops, screen inserts, graphics overlays. Being able to manage content for each destination with separate Tasks & Displays in Watchout seems like a good way to manage that. ...“ Indeed, hopefully Dataton goes this route,because this is something that for example OBS falls short. No timeline... So, for the wishlist. Make NDI an addition or alternative to Hardware-displays. With a respective model in licensing. It will take some time until usual events will come back, I am sure
  25. Nigel, a question. In your installation, the port you use for audio, is it only for audio? In the installation that Diego tells you, they use a LightWare extender for HDBaseT connected to a projector, and the local HDMI output is the one that they connect to the audio equipment. Regards
  26. I think Jhannah is referring to this page: https://www.liminalet.com/zoomosc which shows 'Zoom OSC' software sending/receiving OSC commands to/from media software like Qlab and Isadora. The main problem there is that Watchout doesn't (currently) work with OSC so you would need a little bridge app to deal with communication if you need synchronised switching of sources and graphics, for example. However you could add your Zoom meeting as an NDI source to Watchout, add PIPs and graphic overlays as required in Watchout and then - as others in this thread have suggested - capture the output from W
  27. Hi Everyone, We’re pleased to announce that WATCHOUT 6.6.2 is now available for download. This release contains a version update for NewTek NDI® (4.5), solves an issue regarding video media, enables pasting of task folders and includes some changes in terminology. Download: https://www.dataton.com/downloads Release notes: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-release-notes North America: https://www.dataton.com/us/downloads and https://www.dataton.com/us/watchout-release-notes Best regards, Jacquie ______________________________ Jacquie McHale Sjödin Communicat
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