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  2. Hi Add, I let Morgan check with you. Tell me if you don't manage to fix it but Morgan is probably stronger than me. I personally prefer GenLock over frame lock for redundancy reason but it's supposed to work for both. Best, Benoit
  3. yes,all same server’s processor is synced. sorry i can’t upload pic cause the maximum 0.98m limit... but morgan has checked my sync setting and he says my setting was correct but still tearing morgan tell me to install amd’s driver to 2017q4 instead of now i install version 2019q2 but i’have not test yet i use the framelock method ,not genlock. is it genlock important for my case?
  4. This is interesting. have you found a solution for yourself? just curious, I might have to use it as well.
  5. Hi Add, And you don't see any delay between different processor from the same server? How did you setup the s400? Can you copy the config screens? Benoit
  6. No, there are no commercially available OS with more than 64 bits. There are numerous online resources to be found on the topic, here are a few links. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/128-bit https://www.quora.com/Are-there-any-128-bit-operating-systems
  7. Its great post and help me a lot. please keep continue posting. good luck.
  8. I want to ask one general question here, We have seen 32 bit and 64 bit Operating System. Is there any other larger size bit Operating System exist? If yes can you please share the link to download it.? i want the best speed operating system.
  9. hi but i think our led sending card doesn’t support that...our sending card is novastar mctrl660. it’s has no genlock port.
  10. yes,i already setting done... each display pc has 5 processor so total is 15.
  11. Have you linked between s400, and setup the sync "source" correctly? and how many processor are you using?
  12. Hi Add, Yes, this is due to scanning and the only way I know to avoid this is to use an external sync generator (blackmagic have a cheap one), generate a 50Hz genlock and input it both in your S400 and in your LED controllers. Be careful, some LED controlers only support black burst and not tri level. S400 cards support both. Good luck, Benoit
  13. Ciao Caleidocane, abbiamo già parlato del tuo problema e ti ho già suggerito cosa fare. Come sai puoi chiamarmi quando vuoi. A presto. Claudio
  14. hi everyone i have 3 display computer and 1 production computer each display computer is dell t5810 with wx9100 and s400. each display computer’s wx9100 have 5 output for led sending card and 1 output for display computer monitor(only for control display computer, not for wo). all led sending card’s resolution is 1920*1472 50hz and all display monitor’s resolution is 1920*1080 50hz i’ve setting up each s400 sync and wo6.4’s sync setting. i’m sure each display computer’s 5 output are sync even without s400. but still got tearing not sync between display computer.(only fast move video files) i also try hap hapq mp4 and got same problem... what else can i do ?
  15. Switch off the interrupt moderation in your production PC card and your clients. Maximize send and receive buffers. Intel cars are cool but if you want to reach maximum performance go for Melllanox or Atto cards! Keep in mind also the max write speed of your media disks. M.2 is getting hot after 30 seconds. So go for u.2 or PCIE cards. PM1725a Intel P4510 or HGST....
  16. Hi I have a New msi laptop when i open watchout display on this laptop its show loading and when i close watchout display then its show not responding pls give me solution
  17. I would find it really useful to have a master opacity and volume control for all cues within an auxiliary timeline, so that I can say something like 'Task 11 - fade out nicely over 2 seconds and then stop!'. Currently I'm doing this by creating generic inputs for my_task_opacity and my_task_volume, but then I need to add them to every media cue in each task timeline, which can be a slow process. For some simpler tasks, like live inputs, I nest a composition in a task with a fade-in/pause/fade-out which achieves the same thing but, having to create compositions for every task is also time consuming. If I could do something like 'setInput my_task_01.opacity 0 1000', I'd find that really useful.
  18. To piggyback on Cowboyclint's suggestion, it would be nice if it were possible to change the timecode display format for a timeline (or for all timelines based on the Project frame rate) and let Watchout deal with the conversion to milliseconds. Content creators (in my part of the world at least) are more familiar with working at 25fps, and doing timecode calculations in my head while also multiplying by 40ms per frame seems like something a computer would probably do faster and more accurately! Also, the ability to enter relative timecodes would be great - e.g. hit ctrl+J and then type +12.20 to jump forward 12 seconds and 20 frames from the current timeline position.
  19. I'm currently working on a Watchout installation at the Paris airshow. In addition to the production and player machines, I have a Watchnet 1.4 server running and a SurfacePro that the client can use to cue various clips on demand. So far the Watchnet setup is working well, but I have a few questions... Occasionally, before or after the show opens, I need to make changes in the control booth and so I put the show in Standby (triggered by Production, not Watchnet). Is there a way to show the standby status in a Watchnet panel, so that the user outside on the floor can understand why the buttons are unresponsive? I wondered about creating a 'standby' panel and forcing the Watchnet UI to navigate to a holding page, but that would require somehow triggering a 'navigate' command on the remote UI. I can just switch the screen off, of course, but a blank screen tends to worry the client, plus it means a lot of walking back and forth! Is it possible to trigger Watchnet commands from Production? Now I have all my scripts set up in the Watchnet server, It would sometimes be handy to be able to trigger them when I need to launch a specific task from production, without recreating the same events in my Tasks. Is there a way to temporarily disable buttons via a script? Once certain tasks are running, I'd like to disable the other buttons until the current task is finished to avoid lots of videos being launched at the same time. And finally, just a detail, is there a way to add a newline to button text? I was trying to add the clip duration under the title, but my attempts at adding '\n' and '<br/>' didn't get me anywhere, and extra spaces seem to get stripped out. Thanks for any help and suggestions!
  20. there are a pletora of Cisco managed switches it's a very big museum. I'll investigate with this udp flood's THANK YOU
  21. No, should not matter. The fact that it runs correctly sometimes and acts up at others brings another possibility to mind. I have encountered network switches with automatic UDP storm / UDP flood / denial of service (DOS) protections. In those cases the switch interprets watchout's continuous UDP traffic as an attack and kicks in those protections (so it works for a while until the switch takes protective action). But that should not occur on a simple unmanaged local switch, although I did once encounter a D-Link unmanaged "secure" switch that included those types of protection.
  22. Hi to everyone, Just for curiosity and for sake of a perfect setup I wish to know how to encode with ffmpeg and multiple chunks to have the best hardware support in the watchpax 4. Before the 6.4 I always used 1 chunk , but i don't know if the watchpax 4 use cpu or gpu to decode HAP files or if is better to decode with multiple chinks in this machines. Thank you a lot
  23. Thank you for your support! There is only one internet cable and two network ports, one of which is disabled from the control panel. I also tried to break away from the museum network and connect with a local switch, leaving the IP addresses set previously. I haven't tried to set a class c address (192 etc. etc), do you think it can make a difference?
  24. To expand on JFK's suggestion - I usually then put the live input and the drop shadow/border layer together in a composition so that I can move and scale the whole thing as required without 2 sets of Tweens to manage. Placing the live input in a composition doesn't seem to affect the latency.
  25. Simple way would be to use the Solid media object to create a rectangle larger then the live input and then place the live input object on a higher layer, covering all but the outer portion - voila - border.
  26. I would plug the Watchpax to a home-use AC power supply timer plug. Set the show to run on cluster.
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