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  2. I personally don't care much for major fancy features like 3D, but I'm looking into alternatives to Watchout because it really isn't helpful. It can do the thing, but you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve for even pretty basic stuff like this: So far it has never actually been helpful to me, although it has enabled me to do my job. Just something as simple as a popup saying "You won't be able to play this file" or not having to wade through heaps of windows when working on a smaller screen would be great. And being able to tween generic inputs. Come on.
  3. If you set all inputs with a ramp of 0, why don't you use the setImputs command instead? setInputs (page 183 of the current manual) This command is functionally equivalent to the setInput command above, but allows you to set multiple inputs with a single command. This is useful in the following cases: • When it is important that several inputs are set simultaneously, because their values are used in an interdependent way. If you use two separate setInput commands, it is possible that the commands will not be executed on the same frame. • When setting a large number of inputs, as it is more efficient to handle this with a single command than a number of separate commands, allowing you to set a larger number of values within a single frame.
  4. I use putty and simple commands being passed to the device an example is posted below. Here is the batch I use: d:\Data\sfcBonusWO\plink.exe -raw -P 3040 < "D:\Data\sfcBonusWO\WOBonusReset.txt" > "D:\Data\sfcBonusWO\WOBonusResetStatus.txt" Here is the contents of the WOBonusReset.txt authenticate 1 setInput "TimeHop1x" 0 setInput "TimeHop1y" 0 setInput "TimeHop2x" 0 setInput "TimeHop2y" 0 setInput "TimeHop3x" 0 setInput "TimeHop3y" 0 setInput "TimeHop4x" 0 setInput "TimeHop4y" 0 setInput "TimeHop5x" 0 setInput "TimeHop5y" 0 gotoControlCue idle1 run
  5. I have having problems with my display servers flicking between different times in the show.  When I use the Gotocontrolcue to a future time most of the display servers work great.  Some display servers will flicker between the original time of the show and the new time of the show.  I have found that sometimes the halt and run commands seem to bring the show back into synchronization.  Toggling the show between offline and online will frequently cause the servers to attempt to download content or synchronize.  This can be distracting.  My current configuration is windows 10 enterprise for the control server and windows 10 enterprise for the display servers (6 of them) with a total of 35 active displays to the arena.  We have upgraded to 6.5 and the problem has gotten much worse.  These are on a domain controller in the network at a casino.  We use the visual displays to show bonusing wins to the casino floor.  This has worked extremely well in the past only requiring restarts every 3 - 4 weeks.  The system is configured to be autonomous so no human interactions.  This does run 24/7 365 days a year and the activity of awards or movements along the timeline occur about every hour or more often.

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  7. A late question, but nevertheless: How did you set WP.exe to run on the ati fire-pro card 3d settings? Any help is very much aprecciated! Tobi
  8. Another option is to use multiple production computers and just send TCP/UDP control commands. Then you could quite easily control everything over pretty much any network connection, even the internet. Bitfocus Companion (for sending the commands to multiple clusters) and ZeroTier (for connecting computers in separate networks over the internet) could probably solve it. It would influence the technical production design and workflow quite a bit, but it's an option.
  9. Thank you very much for the answer. It was very helpful.
  10. I would like your help, I work with WO 6.2.2 and I have problems with live video, intensity pro 4k does not recognize wo and the magewell card recognizes it but the signal freezes, is there a solution ??? thanks for your help
  11. @johnyjohn yes Magewell makes a great line of products that are primarily "plug and play". If you are not using the WIN 10 OS on your machine, I am not sure how the new driver sets from Magewell will work.
  12. Hi Friends, Can we use Magewell Pro Capture HDMI 4K PCIE card for watchout.
  13. Black Magic Media Express uses a proprietary Black Magic driver. WATCHOUT requires a generic Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver. BMD Media Express confirms the physical connection for WATCHOUT, it does NOT confirm the drivers required for WATCHOUT. BMD WDM drivers are notoriously difficult to get right, most experienced users avoid BMD for this reason.
  14. I have PC ( Asus X99 E WS motherboard) with a Blackmagic Quad hdmi capture card.and Decklink 4k SDI recorder. In blackmagic Media express it shows all the inputs but in watchout 6.6.1, live input it does not show up. Can anybody help me with this problem.
  15. Yep, I have quit from Scalable software on both PC. Specially chek this once again. And I have one symptom else: Sometimes Watchout Display has crashed when I try to go to online with this test show maked with MPCDI. It happens after Watchout server display string about "Transfering MPCDI file" WATCHPOINT_00005.log
  16. Just curious, have you quit all Scalable software prior to opening watchpoint or watchmaker? Pretty sure Scalable and WATCHOUT will interfere with each other.
  17. Hello! I am testing Scalable with Watchout 6 via MPCDI files. I have this test system: Laptop with Scalable Manager and Watchout v. 6.6.1 Watchout display PC with v. 6.6.1 Two projectors 3840x2400 on flat screen Canon 650 So, I have success with process calibration with Scalable, have a good picture at finish. But I have a problem when try to play show in Watchout. I'm import MPCDI file in empty show, and can see two new screens with overlap, blending and geometry correction in Stage window. Sounds good!😊 But when I play this show I see black screen on my projectrors. But if I change geometry corrention from value "from file" to anything in parameters of one screen I can view picture on this screen immediately. Could you help me? I want to use this pair of software in my project. Best Regards, Ilya Yakovlev, engeneer, Ascreen Ltd.
  18. Well, that's really for Dataton to answer, but unless things have changed since I made it (which I doubt), file transfers and general commands use TCP while play/pause, time synchronization, variables, etc use UDP multicast. Note that the port used for the multicast is dynamically chosen, so there's no known fixed port here. The same goes for the multicast address, which will be from the "administratively scoped" range (all this from memory, and with the above caveat). Mike
  19. Hi Reiner, We are all fine, thank you for asking. I will tray again. Best regards, Quim
  20. Hi Quim, Hope you're fine despite the situation on your end. I just tested a WP2 with NDI and WO 6.6.1 and this works fine. Regards, Rainer
  21. I'm using WO v 6.6
  22. Hello, I have a simple question. Are Watchpax2 compatible with NDI inputs? We have a installation with WO servers, WP 20 and WP2 and I have made work with WP20 but not whit WP2. Thank you Quim
  23. Thanks for a lot of help. We ask for help once more. Are WATCHOUT's file transfer, play, and synchronization done in a multicast way? We plan to consult with network engineers regarding external network configuration. I want to tell them what the network configuration should be when using WATCHOUT.
  24. Unfortunately I do not understand this question. The space bar starts and stops the active timeline (toggle). If you just want to start it without the danger of stopping it with the same key, use the "0" (zero) on a numerical pad of your keyboard. In theory, you can connect any number of display computers to a production computer as long as your network is set up correctly. In practice, it might be difficult to work with hundreds of display computers in one project file due to handling aspects in your stage window etc.
  25. Hi. I have two questions. How many display computers can be connected to a single production computer? and Can I proceed Task Que to space bar?
  26. Well, technically play/sync messages are multicast, so they may work across networks, assuming IGMP is configured on routers to allow for this. But in general, as Jim says, this is to be avoided unless you have a very good grip on your network infrastructure an its configuration. Mike
  27. jfk

    Wireless Network

    Probably not. File transfer will likely work as it is TCP connection. But play will not work and synch will not work properly as those communicaitons are UDP broadcast, and broadcast typically will not work with an external network.
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