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  2. Thanks for the suggestions, im familiar with companion and the fact that we could use auxiliary timelines but theres a certain simplicity of a single timeline and using the Function keys, until 12 isnt enough... currently theres a 15 button streamdeck setup with 12 function buttons plus play and pause, and a simple way of using the 2 blank buttons to access positions on the main timeline would be really handy. i appreciate that this might not be possible and we will need to use some aux timelines or other means, but if theres the equivelent of F13 available im all ears chee
  3. Thank you Rainer, I forgot to talk about the Companion
  4. If you use the Companion App, you can start, pause, kill any auxiliary timeline or you to any named control cue inside a timeline.
  5. Hi, One thing you can do is to create as many Control Cues with different names you need and then same number of auxiliary timelines to jump to the related control cue and then trigger this auxiliary timelines from the streamdeck
  6. Slingle key jump - no. You can hit Ctrl-F and then type any control cue name (case sensitive) followed by Enter key to jump to that cue.
  7. Hi there, im using control cues with the F1 ~ F12 commands to jump to positions in the timeline and then using a streamdeck accessing the cues on the production machine in W6. The question is can you use Keys/ commands other than the function keys in control cues to do this ?
  8. Thanks for reporting back your r success. Sorry i did not provide the known good version number in my previous response. As you correctly indicate, nVidia driver version 460.89 is the recommended version for best results with WATCHOUT.
  9. @jfk Finally, you were right! Replacement driver was just not old enough. Problem solved with driver 460.89. Many thanks!
  10. @jfk I changed to an older version of nVidia driver... but same results. Look what I got on the image below. Thats exactly what's displayed if I run WIN10 server as Display. But image is good on WIN7 DISPLAY even if preview looks like this on WIN10 PRODUCER. I've tried something: re-installing WO5. And everything works fine on WIN10 SERVER with WO5. Any thoughts?
  11. You can add a pause button in the timeline, in the segment you want, and press play again when you want to continue.
  12. There is an issue with recent nVidia drivers, you may need to go back to an older nVidia driver version.
  13. Hi everyone, I've been using WO for the last 20 years and just upgraded from WO5 to WO6 last week. I bought new servers on WIN 10 and went trough all the tweakings before installing WO6. When I drop a simple MP4 on the timeline, I have a blurred preview with a large green line at bottom. Video can play but the image is completely off. When I play it from the desktop, It's all good, so QuickTime can play it properly but not WO. I have an Nvidia Qadro as graphic card. I don't have any problems with still frames, only with video playback (WMV and MOV I tried has the same problem) If i u
  14. Hi everybody Is there an application where every time we watch a movie to a certain segment, we have to pause and wait for the next time, next time we can watch it again from when we stopped? I am currently advised to use pobreflix at https://techgara.com/pobreflix Hope everyone can help, thanks
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  16. Hi, Due to the restrictions over the last few months I've had a set-up where I am predominantly working on a show remotely via VNC giving we access to the Production and Display Machine. I've a camera on stage and this is generally working out OK and as planned. The only frustrating element is due to the elements of the set on stage I am unable to see the updating status bar on the onstage outputs when I am updating/transferring new content. It's leaving me clueless to any sense of how long is left for the transfer. Is there a way of knowing the status of data/file transfers from the
  17. Has anybody come across an issue whereby a Watchpax (in this case a 2) will not play a proxy file from the startup script, that it will play fine from Production ? Videos are pretty simple 3min HD MP2s. From production they play without a problem, from a script, I get my opening static, but the proxy refuses to play. Regards, Shane
  18. I see you have cross posted this in the Facebook WATCHOUT User Group. So i will duplicate my response from that thread. It is true, Dataton does not support specific vendors products. Dataton supports standards. Prior to v6.3, Dante was supported via the Microsoft WDM standard. v6.3 and later changed audio support to the more modern profesional standard ASIO (and the newer Microsoft standard WASAPI). Dante Virtual Sound card offers support for both WDM & ASIO standards. So when migrating from versions before 6.3 to 6.3 and later you may very well need to reinstall audio drivers. Als
  19. I'm having an issue using Dante Sound Card and WO. I have a two NIC motherboard and I'm running windows 10 and WO 6.4.4. I have set an IP address on NIC one for WO I have also changed the metrics priority to 1. The second NIC is for Dante and is set to auto obtain IP and the metric priority is set for auto. WO sees Dante VSC and is set to use it and Dante controller sees the computer but no sound shows as playing. I am playing 5.1 sound using a multichannel WAV file in WO. I have also used the DVSC before on earlier versions and Windows 7. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of iss
  20. Following this thread. Uploaded 9 files with 3 files playing on Server 1, 3 files on Server 2, and 3 files on Server 3. All files were generated the same way... that is to say, outputted from Premiere Pro as ProRes 4444 then converted in Adobe Media Encoder using the Disguise HAP plugin to HAP. Files on Server 1 and 3 are blown out and have a pink tinge. Files on Server 2 play file. What really confuses me is that a different set of media on Server 1 and Server 3 play fine although in those cases the output was from FCPX to ProRes 422 then into Adobe Media Encoder for HAP.
  21. The speaker selection should work for the 3.5mm output. Might check the connections and impedance match. What build is your WATCHPAX 4? The Focusrite 3rd gen driver is in the latest WATCHPAX 4 build (r38) only, you may need to update the build.
  22. Thank you very much. I tried to select Speakers(Realtek High Definition Audio) before, my speaker also hadn't audio out. Which audio interface do you suggest? I tried to use scarlett audio interface 2i2 3rd gen, but WATCHPAX 4 no working.
  23. It appears you are selecting Realtek Digital out. WATCHPAX have no built-in digital audio out. The 3.5mm jack is analog audio out, so the correct selection would be Speakers. (Would be more convenient if they just called it analog.) Timecode in requires a compatible USB audio interface (and you can only have one audio interface, so if you want to output audio and read timecode, a single interface must provide both). Current versions of WATCHOUT support ASIO for the audio input - i.e. ASIO for both output and input. (much older ASIO versions of 6 used a mix of ASIO output, but Di
  24. Hi, thanks very much for your help. I have two questions. 1. I use WatchPax 4 in my office. I know watchPax 4 has one 3.5 mm stereo audio out. I used this port to connect my Speaker, then I choose all audio device, and play timeline. My Speaker also hadn't audio out. Is there any way to solve the problem? 2.If I want timecode in WatchPax4 to run the timeline, How can I do? Add audio interface?
  25. All WATCHPAX 2 include support for version 5.5.x. Most WATCHPAX 2 include support for any version 6 variant, up to and including the most recent version 6 release (6.6.5 as of today). There are some early production WATCHPAX 2 that only support v5.5.x. To be sure, use the License Manager in WATCHOUT 5.5.x Production to check supported versions. The reason you should check with 5.5.x if you are unsure of v6 support is you must go online to check the version. If you go online using v6 production on a v5 only WATCHPAX 2, you will “brick” the unit, requiring it to be returned for service to r
  26. Hi ! it seems that we're gonna re-do / upgrade an installation containing a Watchpax 2 Which is the latest version of Watchout i can use in this unit ? Thanks in advance // Magnus
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