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  2. Hmm. Well it also seems to have resolved itself now. I'm going to assume it was media related. Once the show is over I'll do a through check of everything. Thanks all!
  3. Thanks, I transcoded the videos to HAP. I'm testing the show. For the moment, not detected any issue.
  4. I’m not having that issue either. I’m also importing with LIVE mode on, so I’m really living on the edge. Maybe uninstall and reinstall the software? Spot check the tweaks maybe?
  5. Yes, the system is a known and tested infrastructure. It is a ShowSage system, and the only change that has been made this show was upgrading to 6.5. It’s a very strange thing, and now seems to be inconsistent. My current assumption is that it is related to the media files themselves and an encoding issue that WO is maybe having difficulty with (although after a restart, does run that media fine).
  6. I assume that you're running your system in a proven and known infrastructure (switch, displays, server hardware...)!? We've used WATCHOUT 6.5 in installations and I imported all of our 10+ shows of our Academy Training program into WATCHOUT 6.5 yesterday without any issues at all. Those shows consists of many different files and formats. I've seen one case which sounds a littlebit like your problem where the Microsoft Defender (Win 10) on the production computer blocked the transfer of files to the display computers. Have you tweaked your computers?
  7. Update found the issue was using passive dp to hdmi adapters and not active adapters
  8. Hi all, I have a new issue running our first show on 6.5. It seems that after I import one media file, it does not want to import another until I quit and reload the program. And often it locks up after importing, forcing me to crash it. This is true while being Online or Offline, and auto update on and off. Anyone have similar issues? I’ve tried repairing the install to no avail.
  9. So I can’t get back in the space until a couple hours but here’s what I can remember. 1 I updated watchout maybe 3 days ago. So whatever is most recent 2 the message is something along the lines of invalid gpu channel output. Says only 1 or 2 gpu channels available even thought the graphics card has 4 display port outs. 3 So the message appeared after pulling the computers from storage. They had worked before. The error message specifically comes up when I go online. Somehow I managed to fix it for a day and it was back the next day 4 A dialogue box comes up on the production computer. It’s similar in size to the windows command prompt. It’s where an error will come up if watchout can’t find a file.
  10. Hi Alex, To be able to help you, we need more information: What version of Watchout are you running? What does the error message say, exactly? When does the message appear, what where you doing at the time? How does the message appear? (Message window, popup dialog etc) Regards Josef
  11. Hello all I’m a theatre production student at the university of Houston. I’m working with watchout for a production. I’m the departments expert on watchout. By expert I mean the only one who remotely knows how to use it I have done a couple shows with no issues. Out of the blue I keep getting an invalid GPU channel output of error. Steps I’ve take 1 reinstalled graphics drivers (firepro w5100 with 4gb gddr5) 2 switched projectors into different ports 3 recovered display computer to backup that came with the display server. I set the ip and subnet all back up and the two computers are talking to each other I just can’t seem to get past this error.
  12. Issue corrected. I should not have been trying to recall the Input. I needed to send commands to the items I have in the task window. for example: run "Start"\x0D
  13. Everything seems to be right but I'm getting an error when I try to set an input. Authentication is good but not enough to trigger the Play Input? What am I missing?
  14. No, if you want version 5 added onto a version 6 only key you will need to send the key to Dataton for a physical swap i.e. version 5 cannot be added electronically. And there will be a minor fee for the administration of this.
  15. license key server not found  

    error in 6.5

    after update it work , 

    that massage come again 1 to two hour later

    WhatsApp Image 2019-11-11 at 16.30.03.jpeg

    1. AshokS


      Please write to support@dataton.com and I am sure they will help you 






      no solution found

      i think key problrm

  16. why show error " license key server not found"

    WhatsApp Image 2019-11-11 at 16.30.03.jpeg

  17. Earlier
  18. The display servers send out strings every now and then into the network on UDP. If the physical network of all servers is in the same ip set they should all appear in the network window inside WATCHMAKER.
  19. BasVT

    NDI Woes - 6.5

    Thansk for this. I applied this to the working system and everything worked fine. However, When I changed from IP to names on the 3 display servers in the second system, it couldn't find the display machines when I pressed 'Test connection'. works fine when I put in the IP addresses though. All 6 servers (3 in each system) have unique computer names (and within their own clusters). Everything runs on the same network and IP range though. Could this point to something not quite right on the network? Thanks, Bas
  20. You can use cluster name and display name instead of ip addresses. See the manual on page 43 for more details. ADDRESSING BY IP NUMBER OR BY NAME Display computers may be addressed either by name or by IP number (see “Computer”). In most cases, addressing by name is preferable, since it allows IP numbers to be dynamically assigned, thereby reducing the need for manual configuration.
  21. BasVT

    NDI Woes - 6.5

    Hi there, Thanks for your reply. What do you mean using the names instead of IP addresses? Thanks, Bas
  22. Can you try naming the computers instead of using fixed IP addresses?
  23. Hi there, hope someone could help. We have a site which runs 2 watchout systems. Each system is identical, and is made up of 3 display servers feeding 9 projectors. We are pulling in an NDI stream (from a Newtek connect spark) into both systems (separate connect spark for each system). The NDI feed is outputting on all projectors (5 feeds) and being picked up by all 3 servers in each system. One system is working absolute fine, no issues. In the other system, the 2nd server (feeding projectors 4,5 and 6) sometimes drops the NDI stream, and just shows black. It doesn’t happen every time, and a relaunch of watchout display software doesn’t fix the problem. It seems totally random, and can sometimes be fine for a day, for it only to drop again part way through the next day. The only way to get the NDI stream back is to either: 1. Go online / offline with the production software (which doesn’t work all the time) 2. Restart that particular display server 3. Change the IP address of that server. All other content in the show (video content stored on the servers) work find with no problems. Ive looked for IP conflicts, re-installed watchout and checked the tweaking guide countless times with no luck. The servers (all 6 in the 2 systems) are identical hardware wise (all running windows 10 enterprise). Both systems are actually identical in their content and watchout files too (albeit separate watchout files named differently). Both myself and the client are at our wits end trying to figure out why this one server keeps loosing the NDI stream. If I dial into it via TCP, I can see the messages coming back from the server to say it’s switching to the alternative stream? So it sounds as if it’s just not finding it. Everything on the network has a static IP. Not sure what else to try? If we can’t get it reliably working, we’re going to have to remove the sparks and go down the HDMI capture card route. if anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi Jim, if you have a WO 6 only dongle, is it possible to add WO 5 licensing online to use with WN? Regards, Quim
  25. Yes, the "WATCHOUT dongle actually acts as a general key for all software products which need a dongle, i.e. WATCHNET, WATCHMAKER, WATCHPOINT or the Dynamic Image Server.
  26. Sort of. For dongles purchased prior to June 2019 you can use one dongle for either. But not both at the same time. The WATCHNET dongle must be a WATCHOUT dongle capable of supporting WATCHOUT 5 (use WATCHOUT Production License Manger to check supported versions). There are WATCHOUT dongles that only support v6 and those can not be used for WATCHNET.
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