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  2. Hi All, Looking to build my own WATCHOUT server, are there any hardware gotchas I need to be aware of before I go ahead and buy everything, or better yet is ther a list of recommended/supported hardware that I can work off of? Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  3. MST hub can't increase the output number of WP40. We tried it with club3d CSV-5200. Nvidia card support only 4 output. This message indicate from Nvidia control panel if you connect more than four displays to WP40's GPU.
  4. jfk

    WP40 MST HUB

    Essentially that is true. However if you restrict resolution to 1920x1080 @ 60p, it is possible to achieve six outputs using MST hubs. The nVidia driver will present the MST hub outputs to WATCHOUT as normal outputs (up to six total).
  5. WP40 support maximum 4 output. It's Watchpax 40 GPU's limitation.
  6. Hi, it looks like the visuals had been tiled in 3DMax already, around 300 or 500 square pixels they are really tiny. The textures should be „baked“ to fit to the object before exporting from 3DMax. You can check by exporting and reimporting/opening the object and the texture into a new file in 3DMax.
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  8. Hi, I am currently working on a proposal which involves in static visuals of a multi-projector 3D mapped application in an architectural space. I have modeled the venue with 3DS Max and exported the .OBJ data containing UV map. However, when I import the data into Watchout 6.4 I get broken/tiled texture on smooth continuous surfaces. My goal was to fit the visual on to whole surface. You can see what I mean on attached visuals. Any suggestions on proper methodology, plugins, settings etc.? Thank you.
  9. Haven't tried with 6.2.2 since this is already a bit old, I checked with the current version and couldn't see any issues. I tried to reload different shows into WATCHMAKER and also onto a display cluster using both variants of the protocol and all went well. Pls. note that the display computer is case-sensitive! Regards, Rainer
  10. Interesting that it loads OK once WO is restarted (presumably by the watchdog), but not with the previous show loaded. So sounds like a bug to me. Since it crashes, the Windows Event log pertaining to the crash will likely be of more use than any WO log, as it may indicate where and why WO crashed. I often found that to be useful in figuring out where things went wrong and fix it. You may need to dig around a bit in Windows Event viewer, assuming it's still there (don't recall for how long those are preserved). Mike
  11. After de-installing QT or other codec packs - which should not be installed anyway as described in the tweaking lists -, have you re-installed WATCHOUT again? Installing a driver pack will most probably steal the codec assignment from WATCHOUT's codecs in the registry and just de-installing the third-party codecs will not correct the registry settings automatically again.
  12. Hi All, I'm having these issues at the moment using 6.6.1 and also tried 6.6.4. I deinstalled Quicktime and the codec pack which leads me to Watchout not playing these files at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Marius
  13. No sé si puede haber alguien interesado en estos equipo. IMG_7189.HEIC IMG_7190.HEIC IMG_7191.HEIC IMG_7192.HEIC Added by moderator- from google translate - I don't know if there could be anyone interested in these teams.
  14. The actual question is: how many graphic card outputs are needed to fill your LED wall. WATCHOUT supports display servers with up to 6 outputs on one physical graphic card and you can network more than one display server in one WATCHOUT system. Each display server needs one license key. Apart from that, you'll need an extra license key for the production computer. This computer (often a powerful notebook) is needed to arrange your show and, in live shows, to operate the show. So the minimum number of keys needed is always TWO. BTW, if you are using more than one graphic card output f
  15. The wall physical measurements are incomplete information. Wall processors typically can scale an input to fill the space, although ideally you would want no scaling. What is important is the target resolution in pixels. The wall processors input resolution is also a factor in determining requirements. Pixel pitch, wall processor input capability and any wall processor scaling would determine how many pixels are needed to fill that physical measurement.
  16. How many watchout dongle / licenses do i need to buy to setup on a LED WALL DISPLAY 19M Wide x 5M High?
  17. Hello to everyoneIs there any watchout operator in Seoul? Towards the end of February, we are looking for an operator who can calibrate with 3 projections in Seoul. If you are interested, please contact me. yasin@visio-vox.com
  18. Hi, I'm in the process of setting up a new production laptop, and I'm encountering errors when trying to import & playback HAP video files in Watchout. When I tried to add HAP media to the project, I got an error message: 'Error: Not recognized as a media file'. When I opened an older project, which already has HAP media imported, playback results in a 'Quicktime error -2095'. I've tried a 'repair' installation, as well as a complete removal and re-installation of Watchout 6.6.4. I also tried installing Quicktime, but that just results in a 'Quicktime Error -8961' error (as
  19. No. This 2011 app no longer exists, it was outdated by iOS updates and therefore discontinued.
  20. Does the app do what I need it to do? Will it send haptic alerts to my Apple Watch SE when I leave bluetooth range of my Iphone SE?
  21. +10 I'm strongly agree with you. I'm UV fan and it's best show controller software in my experience. KAI
  22. Hi, Please try to look Ni-mate appplication, you can connect kinect and mapping midi output from Ni-mate to Watchout, you can test Ni-mate demo version, I'm use Ni-mate pro version with other application but I'm sure it's can use with Watchout by midi protocol. Kai
  23. The file should be inside your WATCHOUT folder and should have a size of 1.952 KB. I It could of course be corrupt or not properly registered in Windows. I would de-install WATCHOUT from this machine, delete everything left over in the folder (maybe except your show folder) and then go for a clean install. Doesn't take long and makes sure that WATCHOUT registers all components again. Sometimes, updating an older version to a new version can fail somewhere.
  24. Since updating to 6.6.4 I get this message when starting up the WATCHOUT display application. I need to click it 20 times to get rid of it and then it works. But ofcourse I want to solve this issue. Thanks for any help.
  25. I have been ghosting the ‘Dante Users Forum’ on Facebook for a while. Seems not all motherboard NICs are up to the task. Some are. i.e. ymmv. I have seen NIC settings tips for Dante in that forum as well. That forum may be a good place to seek that knowledge, there seems to be many helpful participants there.
  26. Hi, I'm use DVS with Windows 10 and it's working fine but I'm don't use with WO, I'm use with Ovation and I think it's no problem with WO and my audio format it's wav 24bit 48Khz
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