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  2. Hmmm, If you know the IP number and port of the device to control and the protocol, there is not much to add to the manual. Create a string output, set this to TCP/IP or UDP - most people don't have COM ports anymore on their computers - and drag the new entry from the output window into the timeline. Give it any name and type the correct command into the big empty space. The problem in the communication is usually the receiver. Some devices react when you just send the string, others need a delimiter at the end like carriage return ($0D) or maybe even a start byte. Some devices
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  4. I am trying to learn how to send/receive messages from WatchOUT but the manual is extremely lacking in anything that could be considered real documentation... are there other resources with better/more complete information? Like examples and samples and not just "hey open a connection and send this command!" cause that tells me nothing... Thanks!
  5. Hello, I use extensively WO to edit the content of my shows and adapt it to the different locations where they are displayed. I often need to change the behaviour of the cursor in the Timeline window to align things (tween points or cues on remote layers). Since Snapping appeared, aligning got easier but still. Most of the time, I work in red mode (no jump on click). So if I need to position cursor to a specific cue or tween point, I need to: - Ctrl-T, - click-select my tween point - then Ctrl-T again to fix the cursor While editing, this operation happens hundreds of times.
  6. not sure what is going wrong with this forum system, the above was sent to me as a post moderation notification, but did not appear in the thread. And the notice is truncated so this is just the beginning of the original post submission. Anyway … It does not quite work that way. The lowest cost way to replace a still without using WATCHOUT Production or WATCHNET to prepare the image would be to use the URL function and store the images to be replaced at a URL via a web server instead of a shared folder. Then a simple aux timeline could be used to refresh the image that appears in WA
  7. I'm stumped on how to organize this project and I'm looking for some ideas. Here's the premise: I have some scenery that, ideally, I would like to use 3D mapping for (walls that move) but we will still have a fair amount of traditional 2D content that will be used in other sections of the stage. I only have a single projector. What I would like to do is use a traditional 3D model with each surface mapped as a virtual display that I can then animate off sensors or manually but I want to maintain access to a 2D timeline that comes out over that content. Is there a way to take the outpu
  8. The load command in the protocol re-loads the show, and is probably the closest to an "update" you can get from a control point of view. The Update command of the production software also pushes new content to the display cluster. But if you're controlling the display cluster directly (which is the normal way once the system is installed), there is no production software there to push updates from. I'm also a bit confused by your term "reader" here. Is that a typo, or what do you mean? Mike
  9. There is no IP command named Update. More important, what do you expect to occur from an “Update” command? More than likely the function you require is available through a command of another name.
  10. Hello, I am currently performing a fixed installation where I am using a Watchout reader and a PLC to control the entire installation. I want to send an "Update" command to the reader. I can not find in the documentation any information on this subject. Is this command available? What is it? Thanks for your help. Roger
  11. That seems an oversimplification. The i9 processor should not be any different than an i7 from a WATCHOUT perspective.
  12. If you have an i9 processor, that is most likely the problem. Use i7 processors only.
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  14. Thanks both Rainer & jfk john
  15. Interesting response..... Unfortunately relying on the generally limited projectors capabilities isn't the solution for this gig it's too complex. Neither is the question based on a budgetary issues or concerns, but I appreciate the heads up. Obviously Watchout wasn't built for this type of setup in mind,
  16. I don’t look the log files. I can’t replay the issue. Some times the server work good a few days. And some days say ! To day I don’t work jeje and close the program .
  17. Have you check the log files of WATCHOUT or the logged events of Windows for a clue?
  18. And here is the missing link.... Dataton Serial Smartlinks.pdf
  19. jfk

    Dataton Pax

    This might help ... TN 3475 Ektapro Smartlink home build Never diagramed that one. If you want to use the correct connector for the SMARTPAX side, I believe they are still available. However, all my research was done when that connector was provided by AMP. AMP has since been sold, so the old AMP part numbers I have will be superseded by the new owner's part numbers. But here are the AMP part numbers to start from. Dataton SMARTPAX® female device connector -three parts, — receptacle, — pins for receptacle, and — outer squeeze to release (STR) shell AMP STR Female Co
  20. I have installed Watchout in a Pc whith Windows 10 enterprise ltsc. I do all tweak list steps, but after run the Watchout program, some times close the sesión, some times in production and some times in display, but only in win 10. The servers whit win 7, don’t have that problems
  21. Hi Raul. I'm sorry, but your information is too limited to be able to properly assess what might be going on. Sure the production machine or any of the display machines isn't at it's max? For production machine, try to run with thumbnails to make it easier on it. No idea if suggestions make sense, given on the amount of information you've shared.
  22. With regards to geometry: Yes, it is definitely possible, although fairly limited and cumbersome. Individual geometry will be limited to a simple 4-point correction by using a corner tween. Workflow can be a small mindf*ck, but again, if tight on budget, you will be able to manage. With regards to blending = this will be trickier, but if the budget is so low you can't even afford a projector that has this build in... Yeah, I'd take on another gig.
  23. Hi Jon, Don't you have anyone who can solder the cables for you? They seem to be pretty straight forward and don't have any active components inside. To make it fit to the locked output of the SMARTPAX, I'd just use the actual subD plug without the cover or, if you can still get hold of something like this, we sometimes used very simple molded RS232 extender cables and just cut the wrong side off. /Rainer
  24. No, there is no way to do this, as there are no "virtual" 3d mapping projectors. You will need to do this with the four outputs you have on your one server, or use more servers.
  25. HI, Could you let me know - Is it actually possible at all to do geometry correction and blending within Watchout for four separate 1920x1080 in one display(3840x2160) output via a FX4? Thanks
  26. Hi all I'm still looking for these items: I'm looking for two trax ektapro adapters 3475-1. Also a Tascam cable 3483 An alternative would be some auxiliary cables 3450 If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I have tried media fabricators in the US but they were unable to help. Regards John
  27. That is correct, the hardware is in the WATCHMAX so it will not show up in the production computer input hardware settings. The only input devices that will show up in the production computer are input hardware that is physically in the production computer, and this is exactly what you are seeing. When programming, you program the display server input behavior by defining a Live Video object from the Media menu and associating it referencing the WATCHOUT input number defined in the WATCHMAX. Be sure to leave preview set to thumbnail. You only set it to live video when there is capture har
  28. Maybe 10bit cause the problem? share us some sample video, so we can have a look on the codec/video details? Maybe a basic video(detail) compare/check between working "encoding/using HAP for years" Hap file and "the first time I've seen this behavior" Hap file can tell the different?
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