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  2. Dear RBedding, Thank you very much for your information. We will conduct our test bearing in mind it and get back to you if any further. Best regards, Makoto
  3. sounds like you have the incorrect colour space on the capture card
  4. AMD introduced some sort of power management in 2018 which will throttle down the speed of the graphic card when the system thinks that there is nothing much to do. Our favorite is still 2017Q4.1. We can't rule out though that a newer version of Windows behaves differently in combination with the various graphic card drivers.
  5. Sorry, didn't see it. I'm actually on a short vacation in Skåne right now but can check my stock next week. How urgent is it?
  6. Hi, Additional info to our previous message; We have already tested all of below mentioned versions by early June 2021; Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition/Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise, published for WX8200's Previous Drivers, Version 21.Q1.2 to 19.Q3: However the symptom remains the same. Anyway, we will obtain the said 2018.Q2 driver for our next test. Best regards, Makoto
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  8. Dear bambam, Thank you very much for your information. We will share it with our team and get back to you if any further. Best regards, Makoto
  9. Maybe you should add your location. Might make it easier to trace gear.
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  11. Hallo everybody, as my title, I used Dataton pax for many years ago with a mac software controller. Now it´s time again to make a setup with two kodak projectors and a pax, and a vintace mac ofcourse. It´s for our dark drone bands live setup. And when I unpack my gear 25 years later I miss a mac trax cable. Have any of you in the forum any idea of a firm who can have an adapter for sale. I live in Sweden, cheers Magnus
  12. I can't even get it to work when providing 1080p signal, did you have to do anything to get that resolution working?
  13. i think problem could be wx 8200 driver .i have no experience with 8200 but we use wx 7100 in our server .when we first build the system and used latest driver .we faced smilar problem.after trying various driver finally we decided 2018 q2 driver(everyone says best one is Q42017)
  14. Is it possible to proceed with the Watchout Que by sending a signal from QLab?
  15. Hello dear all, My name is Makoto TOKUNAGA from Laguna Hills, Inc., Dataton's partner in Japan. We have been facing a problem for a while with our custom PC using WX8200. We would therefore like to share details of the problem with all of you to find out solution if any. ----- We are planning to update the hardware of the WATCHOUT system where our custom PC has been installed. So, we made a prototype of a custom PC using X299 motherboard + WX8200, however WATCHOUT does not work well. As a symptom, the H.264 movie file always gets jumpy or freezes, also a bit jumpy even
  16. I have that issue too. The camlink 4k works at 1080p and beyond that it's just green hues all the way.
  17. Have you updated any software or drivers on your production computer? Some drivers, especially graphic card drivers can introduce really strange behaviors.
  18. Hi, I am trying to use an Elgato Cam Link 4k as a capture device as an easy way to add another capture port to our system (custom PC). Using the manufacturers config utility there is clean capture with proper color, but for some reason when I try to use it as a capture device in Watchout the screen has a strong green hue. I've tried different video standards and compatibility mode but not had any luck. We have a Datapath capture card working well already so I know capture can work properly. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  19. I also noticed that the production software get back active when i refresh the media
  20. Can you share the tweeking for windows 7 pro 64bit , As i was using this system for 2 years now this issue started recently
  21. Sure sounds like a Windows preparation issue.
  22. The situation is when the composition is running and is paused , after sometime the software freezes or the commands wont be running after that it crashes so i have to restart the file and if i am inactive it freezes and crashes again.
  23. Not a lot of information there. Your screen shot shows offline, but not in Standby, please provide more information on the circumstances preceding the “freeze” and describe what you mean by “freeze”? Guess 1 Had a customer whose production server would worked flawlessly in editing and cue to cue run through, but would freeze during a show when waiting in pause for the point in the live presenters script to trigger the next cue. Turns out the run throughs never paused as long as the real shows, and a prolonged pause convinced Windows that a period of inactivity is occurring and
  24. the wo production software freezes in standby how to fix this wo 6.5
  25. the production server freezes in standby wo 6.4


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  27. Hi, A couple of years ago I worked with https://gbvi.co.uk They have excellent and very efficient solutions that may fit in your project. Best
  28. Are you absolutely sure that the videos on the screen are positioned to not show even one pixel on the next screen set? I've seen situations where I dragged videos onto screens and by accident they were one pixel off from the top of the screen (screen at 100/100 and video at 100/101). In your case, with no space between the screen groups, it would lead to pushing the content to the next screen set as well. If all your content is designed to fit one of the regions each, why not putting some space between the screens. The move command (Ctrl+M) and the feature to mark more than one
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