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  2. The issue you are encountering is the result of WATCHNET issuing an 'authenticate 2' prior to executing the 'load' command. The 'authenticate 2' creates an exclusive connection and prevents commands from other external sources being processed. Since the 'load' command only requires an 'authenticate 1' the workaround is to load the show outside of WATCHNET. One way to do this is to create a startup script (autostart.txt) on the Cluster Master that issues an 'authenticate 1' and then the 'load' command. Using this approach, you will be able to send commands from both your TCP source and WATCHNET (as long as you do not send a 'load' command from WATCHNET).
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  4. No, in WATCHNET you don't have to set authentication levels at all. What you need to do is load the show from WATCHNET as well since this makes WATCHNET the master of the system. Once you load the show you'll see all generic inputs of the show automatically and can use them intuitively.
  5. I would like to set input variables using TCP. This works as expected when controlling the entire show from the TCP session (load and run). If the show is started using WatchNet, the TCP session doesn't seem to get authenticated correctly. Sending "authenticate 1" results in "Ready "6.4" "WATCHPOINT" "Windows" true" but any command after that returns "Not authorized for:<command>" Is there any other authentication level that should be used for setting Inputs when the show is controlled by WatchNet?
  6. Very cool!!! As one who started out with Watchout when there were only 4 tweens, but who hasn't really kept up. Those tutorials may be very helpful. Thanks so much for doing that!
  7. Hello all, I've started a little Watchout tutorial series on Youtube and thought I'd post a link here in case anyone is interested. It's meant to supplement Dataton's own tutorials so I try not to simply recite what is already available, but rather provide techniques that I've found useful and additional information. If anyone is interested in a video on any specific topic, feel free to let me know. I only have 6 videos so far, but plan on doing more. Here's a link to the playlist of what is uploaded so far - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZVbpbkMpFQc0t4efEF5quFgvsou2HNZL Thanks! -Tim
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  9. Thanks Mike, but that would make no difference taking the detour via companion. It is working with the 'bank press' now, it would be neat to get it working by just send an output string out of Watchout directly to the Midi-Relay. The question is, if json methods can be sent as an output string.
  10. In which case users of Eyefinity and Mosaic primarily get a tiled large image of non-standard resolution and/or shape not increased numbers of full resolution and independent output streams. Those technologies both designed to utilize software mapping of a single video stream output up to six screens/projectors, while allowing a total resolution limited to when using a single display. They provide simple edge blending, display tiling for basic use and distributing Windows desktop into multiple screens.
  11. Hi, Can you control your projectors using DMX? If so, you can output ArtNet from your two producers and use an ArtNet to DMX converter that handle backup like the nodes from luminex... Good luck, Benoit
  12. Why would it matter if it gets the command twice? They should both say the same thing pretty much at the samr time anyway, shouldn't they? Mike
  13. I am working on a system design where there is a redundant backup system, however, am stuck with one aspect of WO TCP/IP and Serial Commands to control the projectors. If I have both production computers receiving midi and those computer are talking to separate WO display computers, how do I prevent the video projectors from seeing 2 control commands over IP (e.g. shutter commands)? The only solution I can com up with is use serial com ports from each computer to the projectors with an AB switch and not use IP to send those commands. Any other thoughts out there would be helpful. Joearist
  14. Same problem here, I have a show into a tweaked guided pc and I have got a crash when sometimes upload a new video, randomly then display crashes go offline and restart. I've seen the log, and got the severity network error "kind" : "Network","code" : -2146949299, "excuse" : "Command: writeShow; [Facility 32776]" Are the same version 6.5, and are tweaked correctly
  15. I see there's a "UDP/TCP Generic module" as well for Companion. Assuming this module can receive data (to trigger commands or "stacks" in Companion) you should be able to use that one, as WO can send TCP and UDP command strings quite easily. Mike
  16. I would like to build a new display server with 5 x 1080P outputs. I am considering AMD RX 590 8GB graphics card. Is it OK for the watchout 6 software ?
  17. Hello everybody, I have this problem, I can't configure the Dante Yamaha AIC 128-D sound card, I attach some photos, watchout sees the card, and you can choose it from the preferences of the audio device, between the different Display / Servers, the management of windows resources it reconciles the device as an audio video game controller, but does not recognize the card as Audio Input-output I attach photos, someone can help me to configure this Dante card correctly, I need to manage many audio channels. Thanks for all
  18. You can't use SSH on a WATCHPAX since this service is not enabled. All WATCHPAX units are stripped from all OS components which are not essential for playback.
  19. Actually, if you're using a WATCHPAX, you could just use a timer socket and turn it off and on through by cutting the power supply and turning that on again. WATCHPAX devices are built to be turned on and off like this, though I personally would maybe do it once a week or so.
  20. If you use SSH then what login and password?
  21. If you're using a WATCHPAX, the unit's C drive is locked which means that you can't install anything or alter Windows. From my understanding, to be able to shut down a server from remote you need to be either connected as a user e.g. through ssh or have an application running in the background of your WATCHPAX which listens to incoming commands. This is to protect your computer since otherwise everybody could shut down any computer in a network.
  22. I would not like to use another computer for this purpose , it may be busy with other tasks. Can this be done directly on watchpax? can this be done by a command over the network "shutdown -r" ?
  23. No. If you can wake the device through a defined time in your bios, it just takes a timeline with a cue to turn the player off before you restart it from your bios again. In your autostart.txt file you would write something like: authenticate 1 setLogoString "The show will begin shortly" (optional) delay 5000 load "MyShow" wait run "your show timeline" run "reboot" The "reboot timeline will then run for 23h 50m until it restarts your player. The important thing is that your player supports wakeup at time.
  24. Hi, we discovered free way to send out MIDI/MSC from Watchout via Bitfocus Companion and the module Midi-relay. Midi-relay is a small java app which sends/receives MSC/notes from your midi-interface by getting http requests. For every command there is a button to program in companion, plus sending a String output http request "BANK-PRESS" from WO to trigger that button. It works flawlessly and being able to trigger sound and light is a big step. The detour over companion is quite time consuming, a direct string output would be nice. So far I had no luck sending a POST http-request with WO: MIDI-relay is running on WO-production, port 4000 { midiport: 'MIDI Port Name', midicommand: 'msc', deviceid: 0, commandformat: 'lighting.general', command: 'go', cue: '10', cuelist: '13', cuepath: '' } So the string from WO would be: POST {...} $0D I tried monitoring with wireshark to see what the syntax in WO should be but did not get clear results. Is it possible to send a .json method as a string output at all? I was looking into the the bome-box / network before, but there is no way to send commands from WO production, as serial output is only available on a display PC or with a TCP/serial converter. Or am I getting sth wrong? https://github.com/josephdadams/midi-relay https://www.bome.com/products/bomenet
  25. Do you mean "time code Mode 4 " 01:00:00.000""?
  26. Does your bios support wake on time? If so, you can set the start time here. Then you use an autostart.txt script to run a timeline which runs for maybe 23 h 50 m and then sends the command to power the player down. The player will go down and the bios will wake it up again.
  27. The problem is not a manual reboot. I want to do a reboot every day automatically.
  28. Do you want to run your WP4 in cluster mode or with the production computer connected? If you want to learn MIDI channels you need to do this when the device is connected to the production computer. Furthermore, in the latest versions of WATCHOUT you need to select the MIDI input in the control tab of the preferences. If you then want to run the WP4 stand alone in cluster mode, you need to select the MIDI device in the menu of WATCHPOINT on the WP4 as well. You can reach this by building a remote connection from WATCHMAKER to your WP4 or you can connect a mouse and keyboard directly to your WP4 and press ctrl+W to make the menu visible. After selecting the MIDI device here - which at this point needs to be connected to the WP4! - you need to use an autostart.txt script to take control of the initial loading of your show and restart the unit.
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