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  2. Watchnet or Download a UDP app from the appstore so you can create your own GUI.
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  4. My cues work like this: The name can be any name. Does not have to be the name of the file. The path is the name of the file or, if it is in a subfolder: subfolder\filename.jpg Does this work?
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  6. Hi MAHENDRANARANGIKAR Do you have Watchout Display software, Watchnet or another instance of Watchout production running on the same computer?
  7. Hi Angelica: Thats good to know! Thanks for the update. Just wondering, do you know if the NDI discovery server feature (included in NDI 4.0) will be added to this next version of WATCHOUT build as well? Regards, Peter
  8. Hi, I got disconnected with the main display server in the middle of the show with the attached error suddenly. pls advise Also another problem is that I'm unable to update firmware of the Code Meter. The Key version is CmStick/C 2.04 ( This is not getting updates ) Thanks Regards Suril
  9. 20200213_205258.jpg

    1. Angelica Cederin

      Angelica Cederin

      Have you received the replies we have sent to your support ticket/tickets regarding this issue? Ticket DSD-296 and DSD-298. If not, please check so the answer has not ended up in your spam folder.

      If you check the event log in the Windows Event Viewer, do you see an error saying "the codemeter runtime server service terminated unexpectedly" with a time stamp a few minutes before the error message occuring in WATCHOUT?
      Please try to uninstall WATCHOUT, codemeter and then make a fresh install. If you get the same error a re-install of the OS may be necessary.

      Best Regards,

  10. if you only use 4 output you dont need wx9100 .i never try rtx 5000 but its expensive now. i prefer wx7100 or p4000 quadro both of them stable cards.i have been using samsung 970 pro with active cooler and until now never see overheat problem but if you are planning to use hap codec definitly buy Samsung PM1725b. i have two server pc and config like i9 7900x asus sage x299 ws other one EVGA X299 Dark, LGA 2066, 32 gb corsair ram 3200 mhz Noctua NH-U9DX i4, Premium CPU Cooler for Intel Xeon LGA20xx samsung 970 pro for dataton samsung 860 for os and active cooler for m2 ssd OS: win 10 ltsb 1607 we use this config. and never an issue
  11. Hi all, I am Facing a very critical error, sometimes When i try to go online,the the loading screen appers on my production computer but does not load and if i cancel and try to go online again also it won’t load,I have to do turn off the display pc and then have to go online then it works. it happens sometimes,please can anyone tel me what is the issue?
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply. 1. No, I have not been able to make the Dynamic Image Server work with any image type, only ‘Desktop’ mode. 2. Yes, the media is located in ‘D:\WATCHOUT\IMG\’, and the defined path is ‘IMG’ as per the user manual. I have also tried setting the path as a shortcut string when launching DIS. If the path is not set, or set incorrectly, the image icon does not show in the DIS window, and it doesn’t crash (but also doesn’t serve the image due to incorrect path). I’ve attached the dynamic image media item window below.
  13. Sorry to revive an old thread, but as I understand it, do you need an S400 card to have proper sync if you just have one video card? (single WX9100) in the process of starting to part out my next build and weighing options. thanks guys
  14. Hi Matt, We recorded a couple of the presentations and will post links here as and when they are ready! Here's a look at the stand in the meantime
  15. Hi, I am sorry that you had crash with dynamic image. 1 Have you ever managed to make Dynamic Image Server work with image type. 2 Have you put correct relative "path" in the media setting. Otherwise could you send us the screenshot of your Dynamic Image media setting window.
  16. +1 notchlc is also faster to encode and has a 10bit encoding support which I hope will also come in newer versions of watchout
  17. Thanks for the clarification, I believe I will opt for a Samsung PM1725b. Any advice on the GPU? Nvidia RTX 5000 or Radeon Pro WX9100?
  18. Check the Magewells... quite good
  19. Hi Peter, The next version of WATCHOUT (currently running our whole booth at ISE, and to be released soon) contains support for NDI version 4.0. Best Regards, Angelica Dataton
  20. Yet another request for NotchLC codec support. HAP quality is inadequate for many types of content and ProRes/TGA image sequences are too resource-intensive.
  21. I'm trying to use Dynamic Image Server to host PNG image files; Watchout 6.5 on Win10 LTSB 1607. When I add a dynamic image on the production machine and select the 'Desktop' option, everything works fine and I can see the desktop image on the display machine output. When adding a dynamic image with the 'Image' option selected, this causes the Dynamic Image Server to crash. I have tried using PNG and TIFF files with the same result.
  22. Just to be clear - the shutters are not working on both Barco and Christie projectors... right? Your shutter close command for the Barco is correct, other commands are: $fe$00$23$42$00$65$ff Shutter Closed $fe$00$22$42$00$64$ff Shutter Open $fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$01$96$ff Lamp On $fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$00$95$ff Lamp Off The Christie is a bit different: (SHU 1)$0D Shutter closed (SHU 0)$0D Shutter open (PWR 1)$0D Lamp on (PWR 0)$0D Lamp off A few things to check: - Make sure your ports, ip addys, and username / passwords are correct. The last being what I usually mess up and fix for a miracle. The Christie - of course - is tricky because it will be admin / admin OR service / service depending on the model. - Check to see if you can access the projectors via a web interface over your LAN. If you can't, there's probably a problem with your projector settings. For my workflow in wO6 (and I think wO5?? It's been a while), I setup each projector in the OUTPUT window, build a Aux Timeline in TASKS that has three instances .2 seconds apart of the TCP string for each command. Once everything works nicely, I'll build it so all projectors are controlled at the same time. Hope this helps, good luck!
  23. No, I would never use any M.2 drive in a production display machine; they all eventually overheat and throttle when run near the limit of their capability, even with active cooling. The boards are just too dense, and the controllers aren't designed for continuous operation at high load. We only use industrial PCIe SSDs which run forever without throttling and have capacitor-based power loss protection.
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