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  2. Hi Everyone, Dataton will be exhibiting at InfoComm India, September 18-20, in Mumbai. If you'd like to book a meeting or arrange a demo of WATCHOUT or new WATCHPAX 60 on the booth, please email meetings@dataton.com More info on Dataton at InfoComm India here. We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai! Regards, /Dataton Team
  3. In some cases the GPU power management is a bit stupid. Some systems clocks down the video memory speed when the GPU load is low. Just playing video doesn't really utilize the GPU much but the video will start stutter if video memory is clocked down. Also the PCIe lane speed can be clocked down as well by the system. This can often be solved by a registry setting like: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000] "ForcePcieLinkSpeed"=dword:00000003 This assumes that your nvidia GPU is located at 0000. If the intel GPU is at 0000 and nvidia is at 0001 then just change this value instead: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0001] "ForcePcieLinkSpeed"=dword:00000003 Also force the system to use the Nvidia GPU for WATCHOUT so it doesn't switch. Last, in the nvidia 3D settings change power management from "Optimal Power" to "Prefer maximum performance". Also setting Threaded Optimization to off might improve playback.
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  5. I know. ver 6.3.1 the same way I set it up in other versions.
  6. After changing versions all settings are lost and you must re-assign the audio output. Is it possible you just need to re-assign?
  7. watchmax rev. ver 6.3.1 and radial usb pro is working watchmax 2 ver 6.3.1 and radial usb pro is working watchmax rev. ver 6.4 and radial usb pro does not work watchmax 2 ver 6.4 and radial usb pro does not work watchmax rev. ver 6.4.1 and radial usb pro does not work watchmax 2 ver 6.4.1 and radial usb pro does not work
  8. Muath I J

    Audio pops

    i can feel your pain !! we had similar issues recently and we solved it by changing to 48khz from windows sound setting not from WO , then in WO set sample rate to auto ,one more thing to do is to "NOT" set your output audio card to default audio device" in windows" try choosing something else and then just choose your audio output card from WO this will allow the buffer of that card to be used fully by WO. if you dont have RME sound card yet , its time to invest your money there. cheers.
  9. can you try to connect all sending cards together with a serial USB then send RCFG files in 1 shot , usually if each sending card were programmed individually you will end up with unmatching colors or some times unmatching clock . hope this helps Cheers
  10. Can someone who has watchmax and radial usb pro test and give information? thank you so much. I'm sorry for my bad english. I am using google translate.
  11. Thank you for your time Miro! All clips now are working well. The video playback is good. I used an msi app to tune the system overclocking a bit the cpu and v-ram. It solve the video playback problem. But i dont think this is the solution because i used for coolux and resolume with big resolutions and several layers with any problem. I removed the bloatware from win10 too to try to solve the problem. Now the problem comes when i turn on the loop option on a clip and hit play. WO producer get stacked and i have to close from task manager and start the software again. The power settings are set to high performance. Setting the system overclocked solve the playback problem but the software still not good to work. When you try to move a layer with the time line paused, the movement is very slow. i will appreciate any idea. Thank you!
  12. What about the power settings? It is set to maximum performance both in windows and the nvidia settings?
  13. Hi Everyone, If you are in Melbourne 27-29 August, please visit stand D44 at Integrate. Dataton premium partner Interactive Controls will be there ready to show you the latest -- including our new WATCHPAX 60 media server! Best regards, Jacquie /Dataton
  14. The S400 sync board is an extension to the W/WX series of graphic cards and intended to framelock physical outputs on those graphic cards. What the MST hub does when it gets a signal from the graphic card is outside of the control of the S400 sync board.
  15. Hi I am trying to sync MST outputs on a W7100 and a S400 card. Only one output on the MST hub seems to be in sync with the other 3 w7100 main outputs. (gets the green check mark) Maybe this is not suported or maybe MST outputs are in sync but only first output gets the Green check mark? Any ideas? Regards Christian Croonquist
  16. Yes is selected from the menu. noname pc works well. both win7 and win 10. I just couldn't run it with watchmax.
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  18. Does the sound card show up in watchpoint's audio input menu? You have to select it there before it can work.
  19. with mac osx everythink work fine the problems are only with windows (firewall off)
  20. yes seems to be supported. watchmax rev. and 2, the sound card works. When the watchout display is turned on, the sound card is deactivated. Made in China even cheap sound cards are working. but I was unable to run radial usb pro. I think there's a restriction.
  21. Ok, thank you i have ndi tools on windows. Is this ndi hx? But i have also the problem with the randomly missing media
  22. Hi everyone, We're doing some maintenance on the forum which means it may be offline for a short while on Friday August 16, starting 9am CET. Sorry for the inconvenience! Best regards, Dataton team
  23. There are two types of NDI streams - NDI (which is essentially uncompressed, for example 1920×1080@30 fps NDI stream ≈ 125 Mbps) and NDI | HX (aka high efficiency - which is h.264 compressed, 1920×1080@30 fps NDI | HX stream is from 8 to 20 Mbps). Sounds like you may be using NDI | HX. Long delays in acquiring an NDI | HX stream are normal due to the compression used in that stream type.
  24. After restart the Display Pc the Stream work, but the stream interrupt randomly with the message: missing for media also the stream starts with a delay 6 - 10 seconds (different times in Live view on Production Pc and Display PC) when the stream has started, it will work fine stop and start the stream will be the problem
  25. ... As for WoL; ‘SFP+’ was meant as a qualifier as I’d only ever use 10GbE over fibre/DAC and never 10GbaseT over copper due to excess heat and reliability issues with Aquantia NICs.
  26. Simple answer is no. There is an undocumented experimental cluster control command that allows interactive adjustment of playback speed. It would require a control system to achieve any useful function. This adjustment effects all playback (i.e. the timeline speed is adjusted, not just an individual piece of media's playback speed). The experimental function is limited to ±20%, which may not be able to achieve what you describe. And keep in mind, this function is cluster mode only, it is not available when watchmaker is online.
  27. Is there a way to adjust the playback speed of a video file mid video that can be triggered from a playback cue Example: We have a video of trees moving and want to then make it look as if the tress are slowing down to a stop. This is for a live event so rendering the slowing down and stopping into the video file is not an option for us.
  28. Thank you for ur time RBeddig. I have checked the refresh rate. this makes sense. Seems like the builtin screen doesn't admit less than 120hz. I ve udated the intel graphic driver but same issue. Looks like all graphic modes available are at 120hz. I tried to diasble the built in monitor using just nvidia gtx1060 with an external monitor but same issue on WO6. I forced from Nvidia driver to use gtx to run WO6. I will check the info about the builtin screen on msi web to see if there are a limitatioin en 120hz. I will remove bloatware too and see what happens. But I tried with an alienware win10pro withaout any tweaking process and it worked as expected.
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