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  3. No, but running WATCHOUT on WIndows 10 Pro takes the risk of updates. Normally Windows updates are a good thing if we talk about security in office or private use cases. WATCHOUT servers are not so much under threat since we don't usually store private data and important documents on WATCHOUT servers. On the other hand, we have seen several updates which caused a Windows server to stop working at all. The update forced the system to go into an indefenite boot loop or deleted all user data and software from a computer. We also had clients who prepared a show on site for days on their Windows 10 Pro notebooks and when the CEO entered the stage for the big opening of the event, the notebook showed the message that Windows thought it would be an ideal time to shut down the computer to install all updates. If you run WATCHOUT on servers in a fixed installation and the client calls you one morning to tell you that nothing is working anymore it can also be a bit uncomfortable for you. Yes, you can delay updates on a Windows 10 Pro system but we also know that sometimes updates lead to performance and stability issues and then you don't have too many options to repair your system on the long run. Windows 10 Enterprise or IoT (used on all WATCHMAX and WATCHPAX servers) can be installed in a way that it NEVER updates anything keeping the system in a tested and stable state. It's up to you whether you love the thrill of update surprises or be more conservative, staying with a tested system on the long run.
  4. Hi.... Frinds Is it true only WIN 10 ENTERPRISE supporting watchout other version like win 10 pro is not supporting.
  5. FYI that 'feature' only works for control cues in the main timeline. And it only works in cluster mode, it does not work in production mode.The sting is sent to an active control connection (port 3039).
  6. At some point there was a feature that sent a messag if you named a Control cue with a leading colon (if memory serves me correctly). At least the display software did that, to its primary controller. Perhaps that "hack" is still in there? Worth giving a try. Test it with a telnet client to see if you get something back when running over such a control cue. Mike
  7. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all keeping healthy and weathering this difficult time. We're working as usual and are pleased to announce that WATCHOUT version 6.6.1, which contains a number of fixes, is now available for download. Download: https://www.dataton.com/downloads Release notes: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-release-notes North America: https://www.dataton.com/us/downloads and https://www.dataton.com/us/watchout-release-notes Best regards, Jacquie ______________________________Jacquie McHale SjödinCommunications OfficerDATATON AB
  8. An entry that you define in the Output Window, in my case one that sends a string with TCP protocol. My application needs to know when a timeline has reached its end, so I put there an Output that sends a string. Everything works OK, but my application has to manage two connections: A client connection to issue commands - and to receive both errors and command ID tags for acknowledge A server connection, to which WatchOut will connect to send the string defined in the Output cue when the moment comes. I'm asking if there's a way to handle both streams of communication using only the client connection. ®f
  9. I would go with NDI anytime. Check out OBS, which supports NDI as well. Use it as a Mixer for sources before going into Watchout. REALLY great. And free, on top of it all.
  10. For 1, I would not use polling for that. Use the subscription model intead. WO will then tell you when there's any abrupt change. Interpolate/extrapolate intermediate values based on the data you get. For 2, just give it a try. If it works then you should be good to go. Mike
  11. You can send commands and receive error messages related to those commands through the same network (TCP) connection. This is described in the manual. What do you mean by "receive notifications from WatchOut Outputs"? Mike
  12. Hi. I'm writing a C# application that will interact with WatchOut. I will send commands and receive notifications. To do that should I open two connections, one as a client to issue commands to WatchOut and another as a server to receive notifications from WatchOut Outputs? Is there a way to get Outputs in the same connection I use to send commands - and to receive errors? Thank you for reading. ®f
  13. You can record one universe at a time. You can also program DMX cues inside WATCHOUT but usually it is more convenient to use a software or hardware meant to control lighting equipment. As stated above, you can send DMX into 256 universes with the limitations described above. Usually you would use WATCHOUT to program a couple of lamps or lighting circuits while you'd use different hardware and software and probably a separated network for more complex projects.
  14. Thanks! Did you talk about DMX recording mode? Can I create a scenario for luminaries only via WATHOUT? Without other software. And how much universes I can control in this case?
  15. In theory 256 universes, BUT DMX is constantly sending quite a bit of data, not only for those channels which change. It constantly updates the status of all channels and when using 256 universes with 512ch. each you can easiyl see that this would bring your network to a stand still.
  16. Hello! How much dmx universes I can control via WATCHOUT? Thanks!
  17. Hello! How much dmx universes I can control via WATCHOUT? Thanks!
  18. Hi Mike, thank you for your response. Swap the 1 and 0 and you'll be correct with respect to the subscription tag. I have a couple of questions that is probably obvious to more experienced programmers than I: 1. To display an Aux Timeline position while it's running accurate to .1 second on an external device, I would have to send a getStatus 2 command every .05 seconds. Would you say this is a correct statement? 2. If WO receives the following command: run "" or getStatus 1 "" , will the extra double quotes cause any errors or problems? Or will it just simply ignore the double quotes if nothing is between them. I ask because I'd like to have a single command operate either the Main Timeline or an Aux Timeline depending on what's between the quotes. This appears to work when using Putty to send commands. Thank you -patrick
  19. If you use the subscription model, there's no need to repeat the command. Whilw the subscription is active, WO will tell you whenever there's a change, without you having to poll it constantly. That's the whole idea. The additional parameter follwing "getStatus n" (where n is 0 for start subscription and 1 to end subscription, if memory serves me correctly) is the path to the auxiliary timeline to subscribe to. Without this parameter, main timeline is targeted. Mike
  20. Syphon is the Mac equivalent to Sprout, and I have had great success running various applications on a Mac outputting to Syphon, then using a software Syphon to NDI adapter and bringing that into Watchout.
  21. I never got around to testing it, but I downloaded this spout-nidi utility a while back (Doesn't look like the site got their certificate sorted for https access, but the links still work if you edit to use http). http://spout.zeal.co/download-spout-to-ndi/
  22. Hi, i recently bought watch out software with WX 9100 and having a small difficulty to find drivers for it to run smoothly - Current driver that m using - Radeon Pro Software Adrenalin Edition Beta for Windows October 2018 Right now m having two monitor display, 1st display is running smoothly but whereas second monitor is having a black screen error whenever i input a video or an image it will start with black screen for about 10 seconds and the input starts - And i've seen lot of people using Radeon Pro driver 17Q4.1 - M thinking i will install this drive and check if it works or if anybody know why is it happening do let me know - and m not able find the driver anywhere so if anybody have pls upload and give me a link - Configuration as below - OS: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC CPU: i9 Intel 10900X Ram: 64Gb Graphic Card: WX9100 8Gb Sync card - Firepro S400 Sync Motherboard - X299X DESIGNARE 10G If you need any further details pls feel free to ask. Thanks in advance.
  23. The drawback with spout is that it would have to run on the actual display computer that is running our display software, and that could have a negative effect on performance. Also, you would not be able to share the spout image, to render on more than one media server. However, when using NDI, the image can be rendered on a separate computer in the network, and shared to several media servers.
  24. You can capture the source by using capture card or NDI.
  25. I wonder how to interact with this content on 3D object,cause I cannot connect with unity or touchdesigner.
  26. spout is a plugin for all kinds of mapping software such as ARENA,VENTUZ,Madmapper.Basically you can output camera view to "spout" in unity,and ask the mapping software to show "spout",so that the mapping content can interact.
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