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  1. Hi Thomas , maybe someone not able touch something because when we live penang on 15 december we have run all 6 for around 3/4 days in 1920x1080 directly from the graphic card they have there (now i don know which it was ) only plug and play and it runs , and the setting on the sending cards where made by me at 1920x1080@30 hz whit no stripe or line at all . why do not try to use edid emulator ?? but before of that where your mini dp/ dp to dvi adapter active or passive ?? i experence sometimes problem whit the passive ones .
  2. Hi Thomas yes is the same project , i have made it . the cabling is very easy in horizontal way , ask the guys they have also my original drawing . by the way in the mean time i suggest them to use simple edid emulator like the ones suggested somewhere in this forum. the setting for the linsn sending cards are 1920x1080@30Hz and it run perfectly , if we run 1920x1080@60hz it runs whit horizontal line .
  3. Hi All, we have to run 6 led display, real resolution 1512x720, i have set the sending cards at 1920x1080 @30hz to have it working perfectly , but using watchout they are not able to set this resolution. is there a way to set it ? or at least to set watchout display at 1600x900 ?? thanks for your help. bye bye Francesco
  4. ok now whit the built in zip utility it works. another question for you guys , how i can combine multiple input trigger ?? i mean i want to use joystick button on watch net and i create 2 input one named or and one named ver and on formula i put tween value hor for X and ver for Y . how i can combine them ??
  5. the file is about 2,01 gb i'am trying now to compress whit the built in compression utility. but it takes a long time
  6. hi Guys , i want to upload a wob file in watch net but at the end it comes out this sentence : invalid cen header bad signature what it could be ?? thanks a lot
  7. Thanks Friedrick i understand but my question was in which way ?? wifi ??
  8. great job cihaner, only one question how did you connect ipad whit production pc ??
  9. hi All , i'm upgrading now my servers whit the new 5.5 , did you think it's better to completely remove old versions and install the new one ? i've just added a new hdd on one of them so now i have 2 hdd one normal whit all OS and features in it and an SSD completely free , shall i install WO on the SSD or on the OS hdd ?? thanks a lot bye bye
  10. Hi all good boys , we are projecting a who in which we need to output 2 displays, whit a WO5 machine whit triple output , and have 2 windows 1 displaying video from blackmagic card , other displaying ppt from a laptop, it's safe and secure to display ppt via network like you have on user manual page 143 add computer screen? i've try it at home and the laptop tell slow vnc connection , did someone know why ??? thanks a lot for your help bye bye
  11. hi Guys thanks a lot , and which is the best of the korg nano product in your opinion ?? key pad or kopntrol ??
  12. Hi to all, i'm wondering about buying a new midi keyboard for show control, did you have any suggestion for it ?? thanks a lot bye bye
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