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  1. @Josef Swanberg are you kidding us? H.264 less heavy than HAP?
  2. Are you sure about that? We have successfully installed win7 on that motherboard.
  3. Why don't you downgrade to win7? (it should be free of charge if you own win10 licenses) It is the safe and certain way!
  4. I noticed this happens only if you have sound device set as "none" on production PC preferences
  5. It can be also a display or cable issue. Some kind of content may become a "pathological signal".
  6. Sorry, but no magic allowed here. One single image (up to the max resolution of the input board) shall be stretched across all the projectors in the group. You have to distribute the input signal to every projector.
  7. If you upload using a web browser, try to use a different browser. I expeeienced some difficulties with big .wob and some browser software.
  8. After repeated experiences, I confirm that setting "use single audio renderer" on the pc that plays the sound, completely removes the phasing effect.
  9. I think that adjusting gamma in the 8bit domain could be a little quality disruptive. It should be better to use the gamma adjusment of the graphic board driver. Anyway, It is possible to mimic gamma adjusment of the media using the "gain" control of the "Hue & Saturation" tween.
  10. Using HAP on After Effect, the quality slider has NO effect. There is NO way to use chunks in After Effect or Adobe Media Encoder. What kind of problems do you face using ffmpeg?
  11. Instead of applying a video directly as texture for a mesh, apply a Virtual display. All the content appearing on the Virtual display area will become the texture of the 3d object. You will be free to apply any tween you want to the media.
  12. Chunked encoding available for Windows using FFMPEG. ffmpeg.exe -i "input.xxx" -an -c:v hap -format hap_q -chunks 8 -y "output.mov" as stated by @Miro in this post
  13. The default network card is the one that have a default gateway address set.
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