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  1. Hello Everyone, I think I have managed to zero in on the problem. It very well appears to be an EDID issue. We ran a 12 output setup just last week with EDID units on all outputs and didn't have any problems. Thank you for all the suggestions and help. Cheers! Lalindra
  2. Thank you Thomas for the suggestions. I will double check on the network connections as well. Cheers! Lalindra
  3. Hello, Thank you Adela and Thomas for your insight. Yes this very well seems to be a problem with my DVI connections. I use the TvOne 520 series extenders which has built in EDID - http://www.tvone.com/1t-ct-520-main.shtml. I assumed this might do take care of all my EDID and signal transmission needs . Maybe, I might be operating with a defective device somewhere. I wouldn't mind using the Gefen DVI Detective to stabilise the signal. However, I would be much more comfortable using the minimum number devices needed in my installations. My last setup included 03 Panasonic 8.5k projectors (1280x800) and 08 LED processors. Each of them I configured to 1280x720. Maybe the combination of LED processors and Projectors would have cause the issue. https://vimeo.com/90531446 Still the issue that bothers me is this happens midway through the setup once all outputs are working fine. Thank you for your replies. I will try and eliminate any defects in my units and try my best replicate scenarios and retest the setup. Cheers! Lalindra
  4. Hello Jonas, I will give the content specs of the most recent project: The biggest content clips were 2880px x 720px. We used a number of 1280px x 720px as well. The compressions is always MPEG-1, bitrate 10000 b/sec, framerate 30. Our workflow involves a fair amount of compositing within Watchout for our shows. We also use a lot of PNG files with transparency. We use TvOne DVI extenders (1T-CT-520 series). Thanks, Lalindra
  5. We faced this issue during two shows where two display machines were used. One of the display machines goes offline suddenly and refuses to go online later. The setups included the two display machines (6 outputs x 1280x720 and 5 outputs x 1280x720) and one master. The error message showed Display [number] Network Error. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a screen grab during the setup. I can't seem to replicate this either in the office. The first time this happened, one display machine refused to go online after some new files were added to the timeline. Removing these files did not help. The second time it happened, it was amidst the geometry adjustment of one screen. The display machine went offline and refused to go online. The solution as we discovered was to remove the screens/displays and add them again. Though the problem sometimes reoccurs after we shutdown and restart the Watchout system. The specs of the three machines are below (Master does not have the captures cards). The connections are with DVI over CAT6 active extenders. 1. Asus motherboard (990 FX chipset) 2. AMD FX 8320 8 core processor(3.5 ghz) 3. DDR3 RAM1600 fsb (Corsair) 4GB X 2 nos. 4. ASUS Graphics Card 3GB DDR5 (HD 7970) 5. SSD sata 3 60 GB for Boot (KINGSTON /OCZ ) 6. SSD sata 3 160 GB for Data KINGSTON /OCZ ) 7. Datapath VisionRGB-E2 8. BlackMagicDesign DeckLink SDI 9. Windows 7 home premium We know that removing the displays and adding them works but would someone be able to give us more clarity on why this happens to we can avoid this on our future show setups. Thanks in advance. Lalindra
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