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  1. hi all, i have a new computer running win7 and watchout 5.5.2 graphic card wx4100, running 2 1920x1080 screens with edge blend. the movie does not run smooth , and freeze every 5-10 seconds. the movie is video only mp4 h264. this situation happens when running from production and also when the display is independent ( running with ip commands ) with watchout 6 and the same files there is no problem i see. what can cause this problem ? what is the best codec to use with watchout 5.5.2 ? thank you, assaf
  2. looks like it still works... thank you for your help
  3. hi, i have projects with watchout 5 and projects with watchout 6. i have one watchout 6 dongle for production, which can work with both. is there an option to install both software and not uninstall each time i work ? thank you, assaf
  4. i have edid management over there , so even if the projector is off, the computer doesnt see it
  5. hi, i followed this procedure and fixed the loadperf - but the problem still occurs. this happens on the main computer - not the slave one. and it looks like it stuck at the start of the movie. i ran computer check for the graphic card, cpu, memory, disc, and temp , and all passed with no warnings. attached are logs i found on this computer. 3 logs for the main computer and 1 for the slave computer. i must solve this problem . please help me thank you, assaf log00049.txt log00606.txt log00607.txt log slave.txt
  6. thank you for your answer. is this can be the problem ? this is a far site, and i want to go there with as much options to solve this . thank you again
  7. hi, i have a system with 2 computers running 8 1280x800 projectors running with watchout5 the movie is looped always non stop and i just power on and off the projectors . it worked like this for more then 2 years. recently one of the computer is stuck on the first frame of the movie ( looks like the first frame, i'm not sure ) almost every day they power the projector on, and sometimes it get stuck while the projectors are on. i looked at the windows log and i see loadperf error 3012, don't know if it is related. i scheduled a daily restart , but it doesn't solv
  8. hi, i have an almost similar problem in 2 old sites. the first one is 2 4k screens running mp4 loop movie. this is made with 6.2.2 version on win 7. it worked for nearly a year fine, and now it stuck after running 3-4 hours. the second is 8 1280x800 screens running a 8 mp4 loop movie. here only one screen is paused in a specific place in the movie and stay freezed until the other files reach to the start again. then it is synched until the same place in the movie. this project worked for around 2 years. running 5.5.2 version on win 7. what can c
  9. thank you for your answer, i have ip control system where i can only send tcp messages. can you help me with the commands to move the picture to the sides, up and down ?
  10. hi, i have a system with watchout connected to a video wall screen. we have tablet to control the content via tcp commands ( gotoTime) my client wants to show 360 degrees picture and control it - is there a way to do this ? thank you, assaf
  11. here is a snapshot of the player situation. the setup is that : i have 2 3840x2160 screens from 1 computer , no geometric correction. the 2 screens devided to 6 parts of 3840x720. they play a movie in a loop i have 5 3840x720 virtual displays on which i have a second video loop. on a trigger, i pick one of those parts and show the virtual display instead of the main . when i'm online, the player show me only the main video and dont go to the virtual display
  12. this is what i get. happens when i try to play an aux task
  13. hi, i s there a way to go to standby and out of standby from the timeline ? thank you
  14. hi, i have a project with one screen and around 300 pictures . i jump from picture to picture through tcp commands gotoTime. the problem is when i send the same command it takes me to different picture every time. i use the main time line and it is hour and 50 minutes long. i use wo 6.2.2 what can be the problem ? thank you, assaf
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