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  1. So I keep getting an error on a .wav file I am trying to import - "Error : empty scene : no meshes" I have tried re-encoding the file and renaming it, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to import it. I can't find anything on the forums about this error. Weird thing is, that all the other .wav files seem to be just fine, and this one I can't seem to figure out the problem. Any advice appreciated.
  2. So, I did end up getting a windows 8 machine, (a Toshiba 15.6 AMD A10-4600M, dual Radeon 7610M-7660G Graphics cards, 3.2Ghz, 1TB hd, 8GB ram) only because they didn't have any windows 7 machines there anymore. I know with some further searching I could have found one, but this whole thing is to get me through in a pinch. I think post show I am might return this machine as well, then take my time to find the right one. This is the 'right now' machine. And yeah, to downgrade you need Win8 Pro, which you either have to buy installed, or purchase stand-alone. So $150 just to be able to downgrade, with a windows 7 licence on top of that. Ridiculous. Currently running my timeline no problem though, so lets hope that keeps up, thanks everyone for the advice. I'll let you know if I get any arrows in the back! Hopefully not, this is just a programming machine anyway, all show content will be run off a proper rack. Oh yeah and Thomas checking display settings was the first thing I did, it definitely was a toasted cable. The laptop didn't even recognize its own display as being there in preferences, and there was a lovely click as you opened the case, you know the sound of a cable getting pinched between plastic hinges, yeah, that sound.
  3. Okay, thanks. That's a very clear answer. Now I now I am free to get a win 8 machine if I have to. I prefer 7 anyway, so I am still going to try and stick with that, but good to know I have options. Especially since this laptop will only be for offline production, it won't even be used as a control laptop. cheers!
  4. Okay, thanks. I ended up buying a basic HP laptop with Win 7 on it, one of two left in the store. Aaaaand of course it died on the first day. Awesome. Not completely dead, just the laptop monitor itself, completely black. Working off a secondary display and will make do until I can return this piece of crap. Is that the only weigh-in on windows 8? I am so tentative because they say "Compatible with Windows 8. Windows 7 required for full functionality". How about a little more clarity on that one, Dataton? What functionality will I be missing out on? How is it compatible if it's not fully functional?
  5. I am building a show from my office, to be played back on a watchout 5.3.1 system. Unfortunately my bootcamp mac running windows 7 has run into some problems, namely me creating a partition and having the bootcamp partition disappear. (smart, I know.) Anyway, deadline is approaching, and rather than back up, wipe the machine, and re-install mac os and then bootcamp, I'm just going to go and buy a PC tomorrow morning. So, hopefully someone reads this before then! I am planning on buying a windows 7 machine, but was wondering if I see a good deal on a windows 8 machine if I would be safe in buying it? This is only for programming shows from home or the road, although it would be nice to have the option of using it as a control machine in the future. Any pitfalls I should watch for? Right now just looking at your pretty standard notebooks, 4-8gb ram, 500-1tbHD, probably i5 or i7 processor. Anyway, I hope someone is up as late as me, or maybe in Europe enjoying breakfast, and can offer some advice. Unless I hear otherwise I will look for a win 7 machine.
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