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  1. A method I have used in the past for this is to create a PSD file. Through Trial and error you can do the geometry offsets in photoshop rather than doing it in watchout. Once you have "mapped" the 18 windows you can than up date chnge or build new PSd files as you need. Alternatively you can look at the Geometry tab in your outputs and try to warp and bend there.
  2. This might already be here but I would love the ability to change the timeline(s) from Minutes seconds to Time code or Frames etc.
  3. We are using 2 servers for the wall but in a main and back up scenario. They have sync cards in them but are only syncing their own outputs rather than daisy chaining. We are using NDI scanconverter not NDI /HX (not mac compliant). It turns out Scan converter will not give you frame rate accurate outputs the dropping frames just gets amplified by the size of the wall The entire network is gigabit though not a mangaed switch All Cat6 cables We did testing with powerpoint later this week and were equally disapointed with the results. While the whole Video
  4. I recently had to bring in a keynote presentation into a Watchout show. Using NDI scan converter for mac the NDI stream was not frame accurate. We are presenting on a large LED wall so we had to use a 4K keynote for pixel accuracy. This is essentially a road show so I need a better solution. Would you use a 4K HDMI to NDI capture box or Would you use a 4K HDMI to Usb capture card? Installing 4K capture in our servers is currently not an option. Magewell $K usb capture is a thought but I am intrigued by NDI The presentation in Keynote is critical and a switc
  5. Hi I am being asked to consult on an exhibition piece and am wondering if it is possible to use an external audio device with Watchpax 20 , 4 or Watchpax 60. I have used Watchpax 20s in the past and as you are locked out of much of the operating system how would you install drivers for any such device? I would also like a recommendation of such a device for those units as USB audio interfaces don't all work on all motherboards etc. Thanks Ben
  6. FMAV in Toronto has experience in mapping with Watchout on cars. www.fmav.ca
  7. Please feel free to Contact FMAV at 905 281 9000
  8. Hello I am experiencing a strange behaviour on watchpax 20s. I have 2 (main and back up) feeding a 4K wide LED wall and Audio is playing from the watchpax 20. Its for a large Trade show Booth where the show runs all day for weeks. We do have a Production computer still connected rather than leave the watchpaxes in a standalone mode. (this also allows us to make changes and updates if necessary) After an undefinable amount of time the video sequences loop but audio drops. Meaning no audio is coming out. A restart fixes this issue but the point of using the watchpaxes wa
  9. Our Process At FMAV uses a Lightware DVI router between the display machines and the cabling to the projectors. This allows us to program a good EDID regardless of what may happen in either cable or at the projector end.
  10. Any machine can be a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough
  11. Hi Unfortunately that's not an option. The OBJ file and the flattened video files are created by the clients content team. I really am just looking for advice on where and how to pick my calibration points. I seem to need quite a few before calibration actually works but then it seems to interfere with itself?
  12. Hello I have a large mapping project coming up. We have been doing extensive tests on a 1/10th scale model of the scenic piece. I have mapped on cars in the past using the 3d OBj technique. So I am familiar with the approach. However I am finding it very difficult to align my projections to the set. I can align some of the projection but not completely snapped perfectly. I spend hours tuning the projections and find It less than perfect all the time I find I don't always understand what calibration points interact with what. I am not able to isolate small ar
  13. Hi I have Mapped to 3 cars from a certain South Korean Manufacturer using 3d. It was a steep learning curve but entirely doable. 3 projectors per car. three to mapp to the floor of each instalation and 2 for Upstage of each car. I have a very large mapping project coming up using 3D mapping on a large set piece for a large Canadian Tele-com company. We are also building a stock of scenic pieces and #D objects for future use. All this to say that 3d is very much alive for our purposes Ben Chaisson Lead Watchout Engineer FMAV
  14. Hello Just upgraded to 6.2.1 from 6.2.0 I am running a few simple tests. I have found that Watchout is not seeing the audio embeded on a HAP file that i used with the previous version fine I realise the work around is to split off a seperate wav file but I am curious why its not working. I had the opposite problem in 6.2.0 where Watchout did not read or recognize audio on a pro res file Now the pro res audio is playing but the Hap is not. I re encoded the pro res to Hap through adobe media encoder and the quicktime HAP codec. Cheers Ben Watchout tech FMAV
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