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    Hi We are installed in a theatre using Version 6 for the first time. We are very familiar with 5. We are wondering if these are software bugs or our particular set up issues. Issue 1: When programming in the display info boxes if i Type 0 in a point to reset changes the numeric keyboard triggers the main timeline. This is as you can imagine extremely frustrating. Issue 2 : Some new media takes hours to cache when adding to the main timeline . Simple PSD files of less than 100MB will not care or seemingly stall upon cacheing. What could be wrong? Ben Chaisson
  2. I have a showSage built four output watch tower that uses display port to hdmi natively out of the card and then use Black magic hdmi to sdi boxes per out put Works like a charm The only thing I don't like is hdmi connectors don't lock. But the install is all rack mounted so less chance of movement. Ben
  3. Hi This is more of a question of technique rather than a technical issue. I am working on a set that has a large scrim Downstage and a large multi projector blended cyc upstage. We are using version 6 We are bringing in 3D objects as part of the show. These objects are intended to grow and shrink. Does the global origin that is placed in preferences affect 3D objects. In other words would a 3D chair appear differently on one surface than on the other depending on where the 3D global origin is placed in the stage window? If so woul I have to place my downstage display overtop of my upsta
  4. I have some original Black USB Dongles for Watchout 5 are these comparable with the upgrade or do i need newer keys to upgrade to 6>
  5. Hello all Is there a way to have another instance of VNC on the production Computer where in one could witness the time line on a different computer than the Production computer. IN our circumstance the production computer is located far away in the venue contacted to a large midi and dmx network of various devices. and i what to sit closer to my screens to make adjustments. Watchout already uses VNC internally from production to display so would another instance of VNC cause problems? Ben Chaisson Playground Studios
  6. Also to use MIDI on your display computer do you need MIdI Yoke or Loop Be?
  7. I use an Ohm 64 from Livid Instruments and or an Akai APC 20 for an installation I do. I have used a MONOME but it was painful to program and needed muliplr Max patches to fire watch out cues and i found it cumbersome and then static electricity fried a captor and i now have a custom built paperweight that can do nothing. I find the midi from The ohm a little too dirty. The pots don't go all the way to 0 or 128. The aka is great and stable i think it being not USB powered helps in this. Ben Chaisson playgroundstudios.ca
  8. Thanks that worked I had a little trouble with the open command and found for some reason I had to type it out in stickies then copy and paste to make the command actually work. Occasionally i don't get the command to fire so i have it sent 3 times as per another post.
  9. It is TCP ip $BE EF 03 06 00 63 92 01 00 05 24 01 00$0D i have also tried $BEh EFh 03h 06h 00h 63h 92h 01h 00h 05h 24h 01h 00h$0D on ports 23 and 9175 authentication is not enabled
  10. Hi I have the document as well I seem to be writing the syntax wrong or something because i get no response.
  11. Hi I have 4 Christie DW951in a 2 by 2 blend and i need to send a command to shutter close command. I can send a PJlink command but it doesn't shutter the projector. It mutes the picture but doesn't shutter. any thoughts are welcome Ben Chaisson Creative Director Playground Studios
  12. Hi We have a strange issue on a show at the moment. Using the PJlink commands to open and close the shutter of 2 panasonic Pt D21K projectors.Through out the show the aux timelines are triggered to open a nd close the shutters a number of times however in 1 specific instance, we send an open shutter command to 2 projectors at a certain point in the show. We get 2 error messages that say the message couldn't be sent but the shutters do open? Any thoughts.
  13. In a recent show in Toronto we experienced something similar Watchout was recieving most control from Time code as was the lighting desk but occasionally there were manual goes for both Video and Lighting. One of the manual controls was for lighting to fire a series of cues on a different playback fader to trigger strobes. This cue stack would run its course and reset to off which sent the command 00:00:00 out to watchout from MSC. This would instantly send the playback head to the top of the main time line briefly then Timecode would jump the cursor back to wear it was meant to go. I reali
  14. Hi using the new version 5.5 my prodution computer and my display(s) talk via a dynamic ip how does one get the remote app to talk to the display(s) with a changing IP?
  15. So did the Mini recorder function well?
  16. Hi By extension to this topic is the Mini Monitor a better or even a possible choice for watchout capture or does it have to be a recorder?
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