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  1. Ok, I found a DVI->HDMI cable and all is well. By changing the Stage in Production and going online the Watchpax would also change resolution. Great. Back to my 1st question: Is there User Guide/Manual for the Watchpax that exists or is coming? Having all the quirks, do's and dont's in one place would be very handy if we do purchase a few units. Thanks.
  2. The VGA cable is the standard one that comes with the new projector. I used an Apple miniDP to VGA adapter. I have connected Watchpax with Production and loaded a show set with 1280X720, ran some clips, but the projector reports it's input set to 640X480. Thanks d.
  3. We have projectors that have a native resolution of 1280X768 that we'll either use in that resolution or in 1280X720. For the moment I can only connect to it in VGA but eventually it would be a miniDP to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable to the projector. Using VGA the output resolution is 640X480 on the projector, that's the issue. Thanks.
  4. Hi Jonas, as I mentionned, I've read the release notes and there's no mention of changing the output resolution. Thanks. David.
  5. Hi Jonas, thanks for your help but I already read the 5.5 release notes and aside from setting a fixed IP of a Watchpax there's not much information regarding its configuration. Especially changing the output resolution, I tried poking around the Watchpax with a keyboard and mouse but it's completely locked. Regards, David.
  6. Hi, I'm testing out a new Watchpax unit and was not given any documentation with it. I can only find marketing material on Dataton's website. Do you have a User Guide/Manual for the Watchpax? For example: -Default resolution is 640X480, how can I change it to 1280X720 or 1920X1080? -how do I delete a few files on the Watchpax? I will be testing many different clips and once I'm done I'd like to clean up everything that's not current. Best regards, David.
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