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  1. If you're doing say an install project with Watchout, you can drive the display via IP control. This is done by firstly enabling TCP/IP control in the settings of the production machine. There is a good detailed writeup in the back of the manual of all the different commands you can send. You can then connect to the display (when production is offline) using Telnet and send a command along the lines of: "load *NameOfShowFile* true true" (Check the manual for the exact wording).
  2. Hi iisinsane, we have a production running currently with similar set-up (MOTU UltraLike MK4s, selected as ASIO devices in the display software) and are experiencing popping on the outputs consistent with buffer issues. Can I ask what kind of settings you have on your devices? Specifically buffer setting?
  3. Hi all. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but interestingly I am experiencing the same issue on Watchout 6.4. When importing a video file encoded as HAP or proRes with embedded audio it is identified as an audio file (just like above). When I attempt to play it (to see what happens) it throws the same error described (QuickTime error: -2095 ). If I strip out the audio it plays happily. The audio is stream is 0, the video stream 1. When I use ffmpeg to swap the streams around (video stream 0, audio stream 1) it does recognise it as a video and play the video component but no au
  4. Thanks, yep that's my go-to tool on the mac, nice and simple and works well! Would be nice if it just tied into FCPX though haha!
  5. Thanks all. I have experience with HAP and D3 and have consistently been impressed by it. I always find it a bit of a pain transcoding things to HAP on a mac from Final Cut/compressor. But if it's the clear winner than I should really start getting used to it!
  6. Hi all, I've done a few shows on Watchout and recently started conversation with a client to start on another show. By default I've always told the client that content needs to be ProRes 422. Recently I was thinking is that really still the best format for Watchout? Does anyone find they have a go-to format/codec for playback of simple 1080p video clips? This would be running on standard 1080p outputs from intel based PCs running Win10 pro, NVIDIA Quadro M4000 GPUs and all Watchout optimisations performed. The manual kind of lists every supported format but there's no rea
  7. Hi all, Not to resurect an old thread but I seem to be having a similar issue with some of my display machines as well! The computers only have 2 items in the startup folder, codemeter and a shortcut to watchpoint.exe (with some parameters such as a showfile directory) Recently when I start the computers the watchpoint software appears to start but then shortly after minimizes to the tray. There are then 2 sets of Watchout icons on the task-bar. We fix this by closing the applications and then re-launching it from the start-up folder. When I am on-site next I am planning to chec
  8. Hi All, Have a very similar question to this and I thought I'd resurrect an old forum thread (in addition to contacting support) We have a theatre show where I want every cue on the main timeline to be externally triggered from MSC but I also want some additional cues to be triggered on aux. timelines (i.e. a close-shutter command). Does the Main-timeline have a cue-list ID of some sort (and can this be changed?) as it appears in ETC world everything comes with a Cue-List number. So if I map cue lists to aux. timelines it ultimately doesn't map to the main timeline (as the main sho
  9. Interesting. I certainly aim to run my system with all my displays configured correctly but on this show I've got 16 outputs spread across 4 computers and didn't noticed one have an incorrect frame-rate on one of the outputs in windows. It would be useful if the software was able to generate a more helpful error message (like "Verify displays configured in Windows OS match display settings in Watchout") but Ultimately I'm guessing Watchout itself isn't getting a very helpful error message from the VNC system to identify what's gone wrong. None the less I thought I'd share my o
  10. Hi All, Just thought I'd share a bit of a helpful finding (as I couldn't find any info before) re. connecting to display PCs via the in-built remote access. I was unable to connect to my display PC and was getting the error "Can't establish remote access connection" If the external displays on your display machine are at a different resolution/frequency to your Watchout show-file (I know this isn't great practice, I just hadn't noticed apart from this remote access issues!). Watchout just changes the external display settings to match the show-file when you take it online
  11. I'm going to resurrect a fairly old thread to say Matkean's really got a strong point here. Looping (also probably considered vamping) is a fairly commonly requested feature now, being apple to set the loop in and out point on a clip would be useful. That way if you have the clip on the timeline and the pause marker on the timeline lines up with the loop point, the clip would keep looping on that section. I have a theatre show coming up that won't have a video operator on crew (the system will run as a cluster taking MSC without an production PC) and some of these convoluted suggestions o
  12. Oh very exciting! I haven't seen this before! (I can see this turning out to be a really bad idea) but is there a way to switch between layouts from the timeline? It would be nifty if it changed stage views between acts as I only use certain displays for certain acts.
  13. Hi All, Bit of an interesting question. Does anyone know if Watchout supports some sort of stage view presets? My show has several surfaces which are placed far apart from each other on the stage (it's a long story as to why!) and as a result in my show I have my stage window zoomed quite far out (using control-shift-D) for most of the show only certain screens are active (i.e. very rarely are all screens showing content) I'd love to have in my file, a set of 'stage presets' i.e. one view zoomed on screen A, another view zoomed on screen B. and build into my timeline a bunch of point
  14. I second David's thanks! This is a very interesting software 'feature' to know about. I would have always thought that for art net to be valid it must output channels 1 to 512
  15. Hi Pierre I have only seen it on this specific show file, interestingly enough this would be a fairly old show file. It was given to me as part of a theatre tour; so I don't actually know who created it when! What I find most interesting is some items on my timeline may be 'cursed' as I call them, but if I add the item again elsewhere on the timeline, the new but duplicate item will be okay. In my old software development days I would see something like this as some sort of overflow where a wrongly placed character thinks the receiving application thinks the 'message' ended (i.e. by
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