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  1. Hi, I'm having the same problem today for a tv show, sometimes (pure randomic) my luma mask wipe reveal for some frames the masked content. Is this really solved?
  2. Hi, I've founded this bug on this version. I cannot find a place where can send a bug report ...
  3. Thank you JFK how can I know if the signal is ndi or tx? Ok i will try the stand-by trick thank you a lot!
  4. Hi to all, I've tried the NDI protocol for a recent installation the system consisted in: watchpax 4 server, and magwell sdi to ndi encoders or HDMI encoders, magwell also. The NDI integration worked very well simple and robust. I've used a virtual display to have always the NDI input present. Then i called my virtual display with NDI in my task, i've noticed thta sometimes (quite randomly but mostly when not using a task for sometime) the NDI signal was coming in after some time when called the task. So I started the timeline with preroll and opacity 0 for 0.8 seconds and then faded
  5. Hi All! I'm developing a little utility for watchout, i'm planning to build a countdown for prepared tasks. Most of the time i've got this problem when i'm on event. My idea is to retrieve the information of 2 play command from the .watch file, one at beginning and one at the end, then my sofware calculate the difference and start a stopwatch (so not perfectly on sync but just for the countdown of the video). Now i'm approaching how to retrieve the played task. I can use the getStatus 1 for each timeline that need a countdown, but i personally don't like this approach, i fear that ma
  6. Same problem here, I have a show into a tweaked guided pc and I have got a crash when sometimes upload a new video, randomly then display crashes go offline and restart. I've seen the log, and got the severity network error "kind" : "Network","code" : -2146949299, "excuse" : "Command: writeShow; [Facility 32776]" Are the same version 6.5, and are tweaked correctly
  7. there are a pletora of Cisco managed switches it's a very big museum. I'll investigate with this udp flood's THANK YOU
  8. Hi to everyone, Just for curiosity and for sake of a perfect setup I wish to know how to encode with ffmpeg and multiple chunks to have the best hardware support in the watchpax 4. Before the 6.4 I always used 1 chunk , but i don't know if the watchpax 4 use cpu or gpu to decode HAP files or if is better to decode with multiple chinks in this machines. Thank you a lot
  9. Thank you for your support! There is only one internet cable and two network ports, one of which is disabled from the control panel. I also tried to break away from the museum network and connect with a local switch, leaving the IP addresses set previously. I haven't tried to set a class c address (192 etc. etc), do you think it can make a difference?
  10. Yes on startup after the Watchout logos the server with the script go ahead the other remain paused at the first frame. If I change the location of the script, so if I delete the script from the current server ,and write the script on the other the problem is exchanged. it's windows 7, I've started from a blank iso with pen drive, and then followed every single step of the tweaking list for win7 founded in the forum. I've prepared numerous server and all still running without issues (with windows 10). the strange thing that happens is that sometimes it runs perfectly
  11. Now the last updates from the museum are that when the two servers starts, just the one with the start up script is playing, the other remain paused, than when the external device send the string to call the videos starts slightly out of sync.. i cannot understand how to fix it... help me please 😔
  12. Hi Jfk and Thank you for your reply. No i do not spending double commands to different machines.I guess my horrible english and the hurry does not help, so i try to be more schematic: 1. Why in your opinion at the start up, start only the server with the Startup script and the second remain paused. 2. Why in your opinion if I send a tcp status of the machine that loaded the show it answer with “ “ ? Is it Normal? 3. After the Windows re install i’ve got those problems. Is it a problem of eindows update? Do you think is a problem of a not correct tweking? 4. Do you thi
  13. Hi to everyone, I'm stuck with a problem on a project. Due to windows problem I have re installed windows 7 on two server machines (old watchout servers with updated graphic cards FireProW5100). Before the reinstallation some bios problems but when started was ok. This two server are in a network with all the museum and has 10.3.6.xx ip's. I've set the cluster name instead of ip's address. I've updated watch out at 6.4 release and followed the tweeting guide. On the startup (the two display server are without production) the script is always the simplest auth->delay->load-
  14. Hi Josef, thank you for tue answer. No i didn’t tried because without 3d module i can’t finish the work. If i perform this test and the video play smoothly si there a chance to ger the job done? Si there a way ti export the entire 3d scene to bake the animation outside watchout?
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