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    SDI output

    Is that the AJA DisplayPort to SDI (ROI-DP) converter?
  2. MickM

    SDI output

    What DP to HDMI adapters do you use? Are they active or passive?
  3. MickM

    SDI output

    Thanks for the quick reply. It looks like I need to use outboard DP to SDI converters. On that note, are you aware of any DP to SDI converters? I've found one from AJA so far.
  4. MickM

    SDI output

    I've been looking at the DirectGMA (SDI-Link) information on the AMD site. It seems to show that the FirePro W5100 (and better) cards can connect to an SDI I/O card via the PCIe bus. From what I can tell, this allows the GPU to do the processing and then send output to the SDI card. They specifically mention Blackmagic, AJA, and a few other cards for this purpose. What I can't tell is if this link is done within Windows, or if the software needs to somehow make the connection. Will Watchout's output end up at the SDI outputs of a DeckLink card? If anyone has experience with this, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks, Mick
  5. I tried using putty to telnet into the matrix and couldn't do that either. I finally found that our Kramer button box, even though it wasn't sending commands, was keeping an open connection to the matrix. The matrix can only handle a single tcp connection at a time, as Michele Dallaglio pointed out above. I thought it would not maintain the connection when not in use. Disconnect the Kramer box and commands went through without any trouble. Thanks everyone for all the help.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried them all but haven't had much luck. I know that the matrix receives commands because I also have a small Kramer button box to switch presets remotely and it always works. What I have found is if I send the command {%1} or {%2} 6-8 times, then it starts talking. Subsequent {%1} and {%2} switch presets right away. Up until that point, I keep getting the "Warning: Failed delivering data" error.
  7. I'm trying to control a Lightware MX16x16DVI-Plus matrix from Watchout 5. The commands are very simple, such as {%1} to go to preset 1. The matrix is set to address, port 10001. The Watchout output is set the same, as a TCP output. I get the error message 'failed to deliver command' I've tried adding $0D, as many devices like commands to be finished with a carriage return. ​I can send the command from within the Lightware software or web interface using the Terminal tab, so I know the matrix responds properly. Any ideas how to get Watchout and my matrix talking? Thanks.
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