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  1. Hi I just want to know which streaming hardware is the best and feasible option.. and how can we use WO for live streaming? As WO don’t capture audio from capture device and to control the latency also of the lip sync.. need more inputs of how we can use Watchout as streaming
  2. Hi i am from India and one of my colleague in Singapore is searching for a Watchout trainer for a basic Watchout programming anyone from Singapore is interested to train him please inbox me with the details and the cost for it.. thank you
  3. Thank you very much sir.. My main goal was to get 4 x 1080p.. And since its new card I can hope for less latency ..
  4. In vision SC HD4+ can I take 4 x 1920x1080?
  5. Hi guys I am presently using EMS imaging Xtreme RGB Ex2+ capture cards in my Watchout servers.. I am planing to upgrade my capture cards.. I am looking at Datapath VisionHD4 or Datapath VisionSC-HD4+.. Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 cards and reviews with Watchout .. And can I capture 4 individual inputs simultaneously?
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