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  1. Wang, I have a bit more information for you. I was able to create a Wireshark packet capture of the RTSP negotiation on a Watchout 6.1.5 computer and can send it to you via email. However, I was not able to create a packet capture of the failed RTSP connection. The request is literally never sent from the Watchout 6.4.1 computer to the camera. I have tried it with both TCP and UDP (unicast) which both failed. Since it doesn't make much sense to send you an the empty failed RTSP packet capture, I thought I would provide you with this information prior to asking you to sift through th
  2. Wang, Unfortunately, I cannot easily move it over to a public IP. I could send you a Wireshark capture of a successful connection with the camera to VLC as well a Wireshark capture of the failed negotiation to Watchout. If you have a suggestion of any other tools we can use to analyze the RTSP connection, I would certainly be glad to try them. Also, I tested with another known-good RTSP stream from a totally different manufacturer and experienced the same error message. The problem does not appear to be related to the manufacturer / model of camera. Thanks!
  3. Dataton Support, We have a Watchout system that was updated from version 6.1.5 to version 6.4.1. After performing this update, network video assets using an RTSP streams from our cameras have stopped working. The error received when attempting to play is as follows: error: no video network support We have verified that the RTSP stream is still working within VLC player. That is to say, the URL is correct. We have also deleted / recreated the network video asset in the media bin. Have there been any changes that would affect RTSP support? Did the desired format of the URI
  4. Dataton Support, We wiped the production computer clean and installed the following applications: Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 drivers Quicktime Watchout 5.5.1 We installed the following Windows updates (as required by driver installation): KB2565063 KB958488 KB976902 Firewall is disabled. The image still blinks on DIS and does not display on the production computer. To recap, we have now wiped and rebuilt both the DIS and production computers. DIS will work with a different Watchout 5.5 system, but will not work with the 5.5.1 system. Any suggestions or
  5. Jonas, The original issue posted in this thread is still unresolved. The next step is going to be to rebuild the Production computer. Prior to taking this step, I would appreciate some feedback from Dataton. Can you provide some insight into this problem? Thanks! Clint
  6. Clarification - The WYSIWYG editor made some changes to my previous post. The smileys were supposed to be System B, but the combination of B and ) appears to be an escape sequence for emoticons. I checked the system time on all computers. They are all set fairly close. Also I ran Wireshark again and saw the UDP packets arriving at the Production computer. Any suggestions on what to try next?
  7. Thomas, I reverted to the on-board graphics card in the DIS. The problem persists. We have attempted several additional troubleshooting steps. Here's what's new: The DIS works correctly with a different Watchout 5.5 system (System , but does not work with the Watchout 5.5.1 system (System A) for which it was intended. In order to determine if 5.5.1 has issues with DIS, we updated the 5.5 system (System to 5.5.1. The DIS continues to work correctly with the updated system (System . However, it still does not work with the intended system (System A). Reinstalled Watc
  8. Mike, I ran WireShark on both the Image Server and the production computer while adding dynamic media. I see UDP packets going both directions between the two computers. Based on this test, UDP is making it through the network. Also, the same Image Server works normally with our other Watchout 5.5 system. JFK, As you recommended, we have changed the display computer reference from IP address to name. The problem persists. To verify that the issue is not related to the cloning process, I have gone through the uninstallation process again. This time, I wiped the r
  9. Gentlemen, Thank you for the prompt responses. The system is in-use for extended hours due to holiday scheduling, but I will try your suggestions as soon as there is some down-time. I have some additional information which may provide some insight into the problem. First, I attempted to use the Dynamic Image Server with another Watchout system in the building. This worked without issue, and the image displayed correctly. We did not experience any of the blinking issues. This Watchout deployment is on the same network, and it is configured in the same manner (using IP addresse
  10. Dataton Support, We are experiencing issues with Dynamic Image Server 5.5 (as packaged with Watchout 5.5.1). When adding a dynamic image to the production computer, the production computer reports the following error: From Dynamic Image "<media name>" of Media List, <timestamp> Error: Server Timeout In addition to receiving this error message, the requested image blinks in the Dynamic Image Server window. The file requested is jpg format. System Specifications: Windows 7 64-Bit Enterprise, Service Pack 1 Intel i5-3570k (Image Server) Intel i7-3770k (Production and Display Com
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